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List of Updates for Children of the Sun

This page serves as a list and summery for all the installments for Children of the Sun by othyrsyde, and links to their location within the main thread, which can be found Here

Update #0 - Papalomeh:The POD, occurring when Hernando de Soto tracks down the rogue conquistador Gil Gonzalez Davila in the wilds of pre-colonial Nicaragua. Their following fight ends differently thanks to an actual butterfly, which releases their metaphoric cousins in altering history.

Update #1 - El Gordo's Coup:The factional divide in New Spain's ruling council explodes into armed conflict as one side flees Tenochtitlan to seek Cristobal de Olid's aid. Meanwhile the other side is left to not only raise an army to defend itself from their Spanish opposition, but also deal with a Tlaxcalan riot hungry for Mexica blood, and a full scale Native uprising in Texcoco.

Update #2 - Rebelion del Indios Amigos:After Cuauhtemoc's survival and escape to the Guatemalan Highlands, he aids the beleaguered Kaqchikel Maya by sparking a mutiny amongst his own soldiers forced to fight for the conquistadors.

Update #3 - A Game of Conquistadores:Back in Tenochtitlan, another street by street battle rages, and the Native rebellion grows to encompass the entire Valley of Mexico as sides are taken and scores settled. Meanwhile, each of the Spanish factions vie for Tlaxcala's support; all the while the confederacy's chief leader, Tlatoani Lorenzo, plots to see his own people rise in the ensuing chaos.

Update #4 - Ch'o'jinik:In Guatemala, the rebellion spreads to the K'iche, and they join the Mam in opposing Gonzalo de Alvarado's campaign against them.

Update #5 - Warokuya's Sankofa:On Hispaniola (or Kiskeya), the outlaw Taino leader, Warokuya, recounts the history of his long guerrilla rebellion against the Spanish. Thanks to Diego Colombus's aims to raise an army of slaves to reinforce Olid, Warokuya is given a chance to take his struggle island-wide.

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