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Up With the Star : A Different Civil War ATL

A TL by Snake Featherston. It can be found here.

In this timeline, General Benjamin Butler becomes Abraham Lincoln's Vice-President in 1864. As a result General Ulysses S. Grant replaces Ben Butler with General David Hunter, as a means to conciliate the Radical Republicans. The Overland Campaign sees Sigel's campaign in the Valley fail at New Market and the Battle of the Wilderness as per OTL. As Grant and Lee are fighting, General Hunter's Army of the James is right at the gates of Richmond. Lee turns south but is drawn into a battle on the North Anna. This Battle of Hanover Junction over six days sees the end of the Army of Northern Virginia as an organized unit, the capture of the ANV's leadership, and the result is that by November the US armies have defeated the Confederacy and the CSA signs the formal document of surrender, the Columbia Agreement, in that same month.

The timeline is still ongoing, and by the 1940s has World War II with the Central Powers, consisting of the USA, the UK, Imperial Germany, Imperial Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Hungary against Imperial Russia, the Republic of China, the Free India State, the Kingdom of Korea, and the Kingdom of Italy. Imperial Russia is patterned on Mussolini's Italy and is seeing the rise of the same generals who under Stalinist auspices won World War II, but is not the evil thing that Hitler's Germany was. The major neutral states are Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the Ottoman Empire, Greece, and Serbia in Europe.

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