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United American Flight 817

An ISOT ASB timeline created by Jim Smitty. The concept is simple: An airliner partaking in a regular flight on the 29th of November 2011 is ISOTed to the 3rd of September 1939 - just shortly after the outbreak of World War Two. Will the unwillingly ISOTed uptimers be able to contribute their 21st century knowledge in order to aid the US in the war ? You can find out by clicking the links available below…

So far, the timeline has had two different versions:

a.) The original, Mk I version, now abandoned and defunct. It can be seen here and here. One of the differences in this early version is that the airline in question was referred to as “American Airlines”.

b.) The current, Mk II version, which you can read here. Alternatively, if you only want to read the definite version of the TL chapters without the added discussion, you can go here

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