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Ultimate Israel

A timeline by David bar Elias. It is a part of The Strangerverse, spinoffs of Big Tex's timeline The United States of Ameriwank.

The timeline may be viewed here.

The Beginning

The Stranger arrives one August 28, 1897 to Theodore Herzl. He tells Herzl that in 2258, the world is torn apart by a terrible war, and that it must learn tolerance and respect in order to save it. He gives Herzl futuristic tech to carry out his mission (see the list of tools in The Strangerverse), as well as books of history, biographies, science, blueprints, and social evolution stretching from the year 1898 to 2098 and a cure for the heart ailment that would kill him in 1904, then disappears.

After a great success at the First Zionist Congress, where he is elected first President of the Congress. Following the meeting, he gathers together three other men, Max Nordau, Israel Zangwill, and David Wolffsohn. He shows them the technology, and tells them of their mission. They found the Guardians of Zion, whose two goals are, 1) The creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, and 2) To transform the world into a place of peace and understanding.

Fun Facts about Ultimate Israel

  • Ultimate Israel is regarded as the most ambitious of any timeline in The Strangerverse, given the obvious reasons of actually creating the much-feared Jewish conspiracy to change the world.
  • Ultimate Israel, unlike the rest of its brother timelines, gives a basic outline of the Stranger's arrival, rather than a narrative scene.

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