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A timeline of events within To A Place You Do Not Know. Dates are given first in the Yisraeli calendar, then in Gregorian.

0 (1407 BCE): The Aliyah. G-d transports the Yisraelis from Sinai to Yisrael [New Zealand]. The land is explored and divided amongst the tribes. No copper is found, prompting the beginning of the Obsidian Age.

167 (1260 BCE): The outrigger is invented.

285 (1122 BCE): Rabbi Michael bin Aharon leads an effort to write down the Oral Law, creating the Mishnah, a companion to the Torah.

413 (994 BCE): Reuvenite smiths begin forging crude iron from ironsands.

414 (993 BCE): The Iron Rush. Large-scale ironworking begins. End of the Obsidian Age.

415 (992 BCE): Iron tools spread throughout Yisrael. Yisraeli civilization enters the Iron Age.

423 (984 BCE): The Snares are discovered.

434 (973 BCE): An earthquake hits Ayit [Christchurch]. The “G-d the Artist” school of philosophy gains prominence.

464 (943 BCE): Iy Namlin [Auckland Island] is discovered. City of Nes Kal is founded.

477 (930 BCE): Campbell Island discovered.

487 (920 BCE): Chatham Islands discovered.

507 (900 BCE): New Lebanon [Norfolk Island] is discovered.

569 (838 BCE): Chaim the Mad is born.

607 (800 BCE): Chaim the Mad discovers Tsalal [Antarctica].

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