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THE TL major PODs listed

1859 - Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht, Prince of Prussia, scion of the second Emperor of Germany, is born without complications. It is a normal birth with the baby prince in perfect health.

1860 Princess Charlotte is not born

1862 Prince Heinrich of Prussia is born

1864 Prince Sigismund is born

1866 Princess Viktoria is not born; Princess Sophia/Sophie is born in her stead (later exiled along with her mother) The Austro-Prussian War is fought

1868 Prince Waldemarl is born

1870 Princess Margarete of Prussia is born The Franco-Prussian War is fought

1871 The Franco-Prussian War is won; The German Empire is born The young Prinz tours the battlefields of the Franco-Prussian War

1879 - The young prince makes his first move as a political player. He puts forth the notion through his contacts that a compromise should be made. Although the effects of the Long Depression are quite evident, the principle of a just society (borrowed from his mother) should be implemented. Thus it is that the tariffs on key economic sectors should be implemented but the notion of free trade in other avenues retained as well as the Polish culture never gets repressed. (Thus no Kulterkampf)

1880 - Some Socialists merge with the National Liberals

1883 - Prinz Wilhelm II begins his courtship with Auguste Viktoria, daughter of the Duke of Schlewlsig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, who he later marries in 1887

1884 - Prinz Wilhelm II “awakens” Queen Victoria out of a funk

1885 - “The Party”, a proto-form of early Communism, comes about.

1887 - Prince Rudolph of Austria has some sense knocked into him and thereby avoids his fate in OTL. Also in this period, Prinz Wilhelm avoids becoming homosexual, and concentrates on his rise to power.

Alois Heidler, father of a noted tyrant/war criminal of the highest order OTL, migrates to Sudwestafrika for better economic oppertunities.

Prinz Wilhelm becomes pro-Polish due to the changes wrought in the protectionist changes from the Long Depression.

Prinz Heinrich migrates to Sudwestafrika.

Robert Todd Lincoln becomes Ass't Secretary of State.

1888 - The Reinsurance Treaty is signed between Russia and Germany

Sudwestafrika and German Ostafrika booms from “borrowed” migrants from Hungary/Austria/Poland/Russia due to the Prinz's rise to power and talking with the said states.

Abushiri ibn Salim al-Harthi avoids certain death in German Ostafrika

Kaiser Fredrich II diagnosed with throat cancer but survives.

Princes Sigismund & Waldemarl sides with their older brother [having survived childbirth IOTL] side with their eldest brother Wilhelm II.

1889/90 - Father & Eldest Son fight for control over the German Empire

The Kaiser Prinz gives the Danzig Speech, announcing the rise of The Party, and his own goals of bringing “socialism worldwide”.

German New Guinea is given over to England.

Prince Joachim and Prince August Wilhelm, sons of the Kaiser Prinz, die in a boating accident.

The Kaiser Prinz goes into exile.


The Otsu Incident occurs although the future Tsar Nicholas II personally shoots his would be assassin instead of letting his cousin do the dirty work. In a show of great mercy he forgives the family of the failed assassin (now dead) and procures a lasting peace with Japan.


Kamerun increases in strength thanks to an adoption of a submarine shipyards at it's capital city.

Overall migration from Italy/Hungary commences in German Ostafrika.

German Sudwestafrika also booms.

Prince Heinrich gets chummy with the Boers.

Moriarty ITTL becomes an open satire on the Kaiser Prinz.


Prince Heinrich has a son, Oskar, and is married to “Irene”.

The Kaiser Prinz returns home to a growing “Party” dominance over the Reichstag.

Submarine technology is pushed to it's limits


Polish nationalism grows as they owe much success to the Kaiser Prinz's military build up in Germany as well as nationalizing the Mauser-Maxim industries into the State.

Jews become overtly welcome as the Kaiser Prinz gains more popularity.

Argentina becomes an active trading partner with German Sudwestafrika & Kamerun due to the need for money (Germany) and technology (Argentina).

Brazil also gets involved, with German advisors/arms sent over to help end the current crisis that is being waged in that land.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle kills off Sherlock Holmes.

Dr. Joesph Bell is recruited to prevent other serial murders from happening.

Warning bells start ringing in England on the rise of Germany.

The Kaiser Prinz backstabs his father in public by leaking the fact that his father has openly contacted France in getting rid of his eldest son.

King Alfonso XIII gets intrested in OTL's wife of Nicholas II.

Prinz Heinrich gets involved with the Congo.


The Kaiser Prinz unofficially becomes a widower by French assassins.

Tsar Nicholas II becomes Tsar of Russia.

The Telegraph Affair breaks out, ultimately destroying any credibility that Kaiser Fredrich III has, and promoting the Kaiser Prinz as the star-child.

The Concept of Splendid Isolation suddenly applies to Britain as it is slowly loosing loyalty from it's (major) colonies.

Protests emerge in Germany.

The Austrian-Hungarian Empire slowly slides into decay.

Angola is “purchased” from Portugal through the means of U-Boats made in Kamerun.

The Boer Republics begin to open relations with the German Empire to the point that a Boer Legion is recruited for German needs.

The first “fan-fic” emerges with the continuing death of Sherlock Holmes.

The Nama begin to adopt black Jewish rabbi hats as part of their culture.

General Lothar von Trotha earns the nickname “Butcher of Angola”

Mexico is influenced by German politics and arms.

Stephen Crane goes to Germany as a reporter.

Kaiser Fredrich III dies, passing his position to Princess Margarete, forever disowning the line of his eldest son as well as putting the line of succession in reverse (i.e. Heinrich is now last).

Robert Todd Lincoln becomes Secretary of State after serving as the US Ambassador to England ('85-'89), Secretary of War ('81-'85) and Ass't Secretary of State ('87-81).

Germany declares war on France.


Germany marches into Madagaskar and Mosambik, even though the latter is under German “protection”.


The War in Madagaskar drags on.

French ships “accidentally” attack a British ship carrying a reporter from the US.

The Third Republic is formally at war with the German Empire, Russia, Italy, Austria-Hungary, the U.S.A., and by default, the British Empire. Their only ally is the Spanish Empire, which is now at war with the USA over the matter of Cuba, and desperately buying out all and any U-Boats that Portugal might have in exchange for financial/colonial concessions. King Carlos I, thankful that his household guards have German guns and training, passes the formal ownership of Spanish Guinea to the Germans, who have already “protected” it, although not “legally”. For three more submarines, Spanish Morocco will be next, and so it will be, legally, in 1899, once the submarines are constructed.


A Colonial Reichstag is formed in German Sudwestafrika.


The first German (noticable, major) ship is sunk by the French.

The UK has joined the war with Germany against France. Russia is sending supplies. King Leopold has given permission for German soldiers to cross through to France.

Lenin becomes Chancellor after spending much time in Germany because of better oppertunities.

Emporer Franz Josef declares his Empire to be nuetral.


Advertisements for “Coloureds” appear in US, pleading for laborers to assist the German colonies in Afrika beat economic collapse.


TTL's analogue to a certain dictator gets adopted by a Jewish rabbi/town leader when his father dies in Angola.

The French get hammered in the areas around Strassburg.

The border between German and Russian Poland fall.

The first mention of the Krupp-Mauser Complex is made.

Ambrose Bierce becomes known for his coverage in the Spanish-American War as well as warnings that the device used to sink the USS Maine was a Spanish submarine.


Prussian Generals rebel against the Kaiser Prinz.


The Breakthrough occurs. Paris is seized once more by the Germans.

Ambrose Bierce publishes “A Prinzly Dictionary”.


Italy invades France.

The foundation of the Communalist Republic of France, the Occidental Empire headquartered in Algiers, ruling over the shattered remains of the French Empire, including Indochine (another story unto itself), French Guyana (see Indochine), and the rest of French Afrika…..

Queen Victoria dies; succeded by King Edward VII.

Emporer Rudolph V inherits the throne of Austria.

Jews migrate to German colonies in Afrika.

The establishment of Infanta Maria de las Mercedes of Spain as Queen Maria I.

Prinz Heinrich demotes himself.

The Kaiser Prinz dies.


The young Queen of the Netherlands courts the soon to be Kaiser Wilhelm III.

Prinz Heinrich becomes Kaiser; his sister becomes “Holy Roman Empress” although more of a figurehead role.


The young to be Kaiser Wilhelm III marries into the Royal House of the Netherlands.

The French Third Republic is recognized by Britain.

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