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Thrace In Flames

An early 20th century timeline centered on Greece and several neighbouring south European and Balkan countries. Written by SteveW, it can be read here.

Premise and POD

An assassination attempt fails and the history of the Balkans, and of Europe, is changed dramatically.

On the 18th March 1913, Greek police in newly-liberated Saloniki took one Alexandros Schinas into custody. Schinas was in a bad way. He had been beaten by a crowd in the streets and had had an arm broken and his nose smashed. He was covered in blood. Not far away, a local woman was being taken into hospital with a gun wound to the shoulder inflicted by Schinas.

The reason she was thus injured was because he had missed his target. Thanks to a timely intervention by a local, Schinas's shot had been deflected as he attempted to gun down King George I of Greece. King George himself had escaped entirely uninjured, if extremely shocked. Of all the places that Greek royalty could end up being assassinated, it had seemed more likely that the frontline would have been the place, where Crown Prince Constantine was fighting the Balkan War.

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