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Theodore Roosevelt Jr.


Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (1887-1948) was an American General in World War II and hopeful governor of New York. Roosevelt earned the Congressional Medal of Honor twice in the war once for his bravery in Egypt and again in Turkey. Roosevelt served in the First Infantry Division until 1946 when he was wounded in the Balkans. Spending the rest of the war state side, Roosevelt served at the War Department in Washington DC.

When the war was finally over, Roosevelt returned to New York where he planned to run for Governor. Roosevelt easily won the Republican nomination when tragedy struck, days after accepting his nomination, Roosevelt suffered a fatal heart attack after giving a campaign speech in Buffalo. At the age of 61, the man who had ambitions to be the next President of the United States, died. He was honored along side his father in 1998 when monuments to their courage was built in Albany, NY.

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