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The Mauricians: A Medieval Roman Novel

An ongoing Roman timeline developed in a narrative style by Pururauka. You can read it here.

Premise and POD

The point of divergence is during the last year of Maurice Tiberius' reign (602 A.D.) Here, we have Maurice send his two eldest sons, Theodosius and Tiberius, aged 19 and 9 respectively, to Italy in anticipation of a planned offensive to recover the territory lost to the Lombards. Nevertheless, once Phocas launches his coup and kills Maurice, the butterfly cage busts open.


All are historical unless marked with an *, and the dates account for their years in office unless specified otherwise.

Theodosius III, Emperor of the Romans (590- )
Tiberius III, Caesar (605- )
John*, Comes Excubitorum for Theodosius (602- ) - Theodosius' personal friend
Irene, Empress of the Romans (601- )
Maurice Justinian*, son of Theodosius and Irene (b.604)
Heraclius the Elder, Exarch of Africa (600- )
Heraclius the Younger, Kouropalates for Theodosius (602- )
Dioskoros Psimanobet the Younger*, Theodosius' ambassador to the Sassanian court (604- )
Theodorus, son of Heraclius the Elder and Strategos for Theodosius (602- )
Procopius*, Patrician and Senator - A Carthaginian who befriends Theodosius during the latter's stay in the West
Nicetas, Strategos for Theodosius (602-d.604) - Heraclius the Younger's cousin
Wamba*, Dux Gothorum for Theodosius (604- )
Callinicus, Exarch of Italy (597-d.605)
Boniface III, Pope and Bishop of Rome (604- )
Maurice Tiberius, Emperor of the Romans (582-d.602)
Constantina, Empress of the Romans (582-602; d.605)
Phocas, Emperor of the Romans (Usurper) (602-d.606)
Leontia, Empress of the Romans (Phocas' wife) (602-d.606)
Alexander, Comes Scholae for Phocas (602- )
Menander the Guardsman, Clarissimus of the Scholae for Phocas (602- )
Domentziolus the Elder, Phocas' brother and Strategos for the West (602- )
Comentiolus, Phocas' brother and Commander of the Danubian Armies (602- )
Domentziolus the Younger, Phocas' nephew and Kouropalates (602- )
Priscus, Phocas' former son-in-law and Comes Excubitorum (602-605)
Bonosus, Comes Orientis for Phocas (604-d.606)
Cyriacus II, Patriarch of Constantinople (595- )
Gennadios*, Patrician and Senator (d.605)
Theodorus, Phocas' Praetorian Prefect (602-d.605)
Praejecta Apion, matriarch of the House of Apion, the richest family in Roman Egypt
Aurelianus*, a fisherman from Constantinople
Theuderic II, King of Burgundy and Aquitaine (595-d.604)
Theudebert II, King of Austrasia (595- )
Clothar II, King of Neustria (584- )
Sigebert II, Theuderic's son and King of Burgundy and Aquitaine (b. 601; 604- )
Brunhilda, Queen Dowager and Regent of Burgundy and Aquitaine (543– )
Berthoald, Mayor of the Palace of Burgundy (603- )
Gundulf, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia (600- )
Agilulf, King of the Lombards (590-d.604)
Adaloald, Agilulf's son and King of the Lombards (b.602; 604- )
Theodelinda, Queen of the Lombards (598- )
Gisulf II, Duke of Friuli and King of the Lombards (Usurper) (605- )
Godepert*, Lombard soldier (d.604)
Eugenius*, Lombard general for Gisulf
Sigibuld*, Lombard infantryman and Godepert's brother
Khosrau II, Shahanshah of Iran and non-Iran (590- )
Kobad, Crown Prince of Iran (b.590)
Farrokhan Shahrbaraz, Eranspahbod (590- )
Shahin Vahmanzadegan, Iranian Spahbod (590- )
Shahraplakan, Iranian Spahbod (595- )
Kardarigan, Iranian Spahbod (590- )
Navid Magundat, Iranian Zhayedan cavalryman
Rustam*, Iranian Paighan infantryman
Yareb ben Asher*, Jewish rebel
Moshe ben Tahmid*, leader of the Jewish rebels in Syria
Nehemiah ben Hushiel, son of the Jewish Exilarch and leader of the Iranian-born Jewish troops

List of Chapters

Book A
Chapter 1-I:Maurice
Chapter 1-II:Theodosius
Chapter 1-III:Godepert
Chapter 1-IV:Phocas
Chapter 2-I:Theodosius
Chapter 2-II:Menander
Chapter 2-III:Theuderic
Chapter 2-IV:Shahrbaraz
Chapter 3-I:Theodorus
Chapter 3-II:Theodosius
Chapter 3-III:Priscus
Chapter 3-IV:Rustam
Chapter 4-I:Brunhilda
Chapter 4-II:Theodosius
Chapter 4-III:Yareb
Chapter 4-IV:Gennadios
Chapter 5-I:Wamba
Chapter 5-II:Heraclius
Chapter 5-III:Khosrau
Chapter 5-IV:Domentziolus
Chapter 6-I:Navid
Chapter 6-II:Theodosius
Chapter 6-III:Sigibuld
Chapter 6-IV:Phocas
Appendix A:602-605 Overview

Book B
Chapter 7-I:Aurelianus
Chapter 7-II:Yareb
Chapter 7-III:Rustam
Chapter 7-IV:Priscus
Chapter 8-I:Clothar
Chapter 8-II:Dioskoros
Chapter 8-III:Eugenius
Chapter 8-IV:Domentziolus
Chapter 9-I:Phocas
Chapter 9-II:Theodosius
Chapter 9-III:Menander
Chapter 9-IV:Shahrbaraz
Chapter 10-I:Tiberius
Chapter 10-II:Sigibuld
Chapter 10-III:Phocas
Chapter 10-IV:Heraclius
Chapter 11-I:Clothar
Chapter 11-II:Wamba
Chapter 11-III:Priscus
Chapter 11-IV:Phocas
Chapter 12-I-:Aurelianus
Chapter 12-II-:Wamba
Chapter 12-III-:Menander
Chapter 12-IV-:Rustam
Appendix B:605-606 Overview

Book Γ
Chapter 13-I-:Brunhilda
Chapter 13-II-:Eugenius
Chapter 13-III-:Tiberius
Chapter 13-IV-:Domentziolus
Chapter 14-I-:Theodosius
Chapter 14-II-:Khosrau
Chapter 14-III-:Navid
Chapter 14-IV-:Heraclius
Chapter 15-I-:Priscus
Chapter 15-II-:Shahrbaraz
Chapter 15-III-:Rustam
Chapter 15-IV-:Yareb
Chapter 16-I-:Sigibuld
Chapter 16-II-:Clothar
Chapter 16-III-:Eugenius
Chapter 16-IV-:Brunhilda
Chapter 17-I-:Dioskoros
Chapter 17-II-:Menander

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