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The March of Progress

A timeline written by Leej, wherein it happens to be a French ship that is involved in the Trent affair not a British one.Read it here.

Things escalate from there and due to the inter-connected nature of the world things get different very fast, there's:

  • A victorious large CSA…Which then becomes a 3rd world nation and all but collapses.
  • A independant Oklahoma, Texas, Deseret, (Spanish-speaking) California and Yucatan.
  • 'WW2' in large part taking place in America during which we get a temporary independent New England and (mainly Japanese) Oregon.
  • No Prussia uniting Germany.
  • No scramble for Africa.
  • A single transferable vote system in the UK (the timeline's title coming from William Gladstone's progressive party) and so on.

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