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The Fireflies of Port Stanley

A late 20th century Falklands timeline created by Cymraeg. Read it here or use the chapter guide available below.

Premise and PoD

An administrative error by a British Ministry of Defence employee causes the delivery of 3 decommissioned Sherman Firefly tanks and some tank ammunition to the capital of the Falkland Islands in 1955. While members of the local administration are puzzled by the delivery, they keep the three tanks in basic working condition. Fast forward to 1982 and the invasion of the islands by the then Argentine junta… The locals have little time remaining and have to organize a basic defence of the capital until help arrives from the UK. And that's when the well-preserved Fireflies, until then only a local curiosity, come into play…


1. Ministry of Defence, Whitehall, August 1st, 1955

2. Port Stanley Docks, September 9th, 1955

3. Port Stanley, Falklands Islands, 9am April 1st, 1982

4. Government House, Port Stanley, Noon, 1st April 1982

5. Government House, Port Stanley, 12.30pm, 1st April 1982

6. Port Stanley, 2.30pm 1st April, 1982

7. Lake Point, 5pm 1st April 1982

8. Lake Point, 11pm 1st April 1982

9. 500 yards off Mullet Creek, 11.03pm 1st April 1982

10. Lake Point, 11.15pm 1st April 1982

11. Lake Point, 11.20pm 1st April 1982

12. Lake Point, 11.25pm 1st April 1982

13. Government House, Port Stanley, 11.26pm, 1st April 1982

14. Santissima Trinidad, 900 yards off Mullet Creek, 11.38pm, 1st April 1982

15. Police Station, Port Stanley, 12.35am, 2nd April 1982

16. ARA Cabo San Antonio, 02.03am, 2nd April 1982

17. Ministry of Defence 6.10am, 2nd April 1982

18. Port William, Falklands Islands, 02.18am, 2nd April 1982

19. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 02.30am, 2nd April 1982

20. Government House, Port Stanley, 4am, 2nd April 1982

21. Port William, Falklands Islands, 05.59am, 2nd April 1982

22. Yorke Bay, 6.01am, 2nd April 1982

23. ARA Drummond, 6.05am 2nd April, 1982

24. ARA Cabo San Antonio, 6.07am, 2nd April 1982

25. 10 Downing Street, 10.10am, 2nd April 1982

26. Yorke Bay, 6.15am, 2nd April 1982

27. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 616am, 2nd April 1982

28. Yorke Bay, 6.25am, 2nd April 1982

29. Yorke Bay, 6.26am, 2nd April 1982

30. Yorke Bay, 6.45am, 2nd April 1982

31. ARA Santa Fe, 1.5 Nautical Miles East of Yorke Bay, 7am, 2nd April 1982

32. Government House, Port Stanley, 10.30am, 2nd April 1982

33. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 10.35am, 2nd April 1982

34. Washington D.C., 9.45am (EST), 2nd April 1982

35. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 12.45am, 2nd April 1982

36. Ministry of Defence, London, 5pm, 2nd April 1982

37. Washington D.C., 12.15pm (EST), 2nd April 1982

38. Yorke Bay, 3pm, 2nd April 1982

39. Presidential Palace, Buenos Aires, 3.30pm, 2nd April 1982

40. Ministry of Defence, London, 7pm, 2nd April 1982

41. The Oval Office, The White House, 3.30pm (EST) 2nd April 1982

42. 5 miles ESE of Grytviken Harbour, South Georgia, 7.15pm, 2nd April 1982

43. Government House, Port Stanley, 9pm, 2nd April 1982

44. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 10pm, 2nd April 1982

45. Police Station, Port Stanley, 11.30pm, 2nd April 1982

46. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 2am, 3rd April 1982

47. Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, 4am, 3rd April 1982

48. Leith Harbour, 7am, 3rd April 1982

49. Government House, Port Stanley, 8am, 3rd April 1982

50. United Nations Security Council, New York, 10.15am, 3rd April 1982

51. Whitehall, London, 4.45pm, 3rd April 1982

52. 1800 Hours, Base Aérea "Los Cóndores", Iquique, Northern Chile, 3rd April 1982

53. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 9pm, 3rd April 1982

54. Government House, Port Stanley, 11pm, 3rd April 1982

55. Wideawake Airfield (RAF Ascension Island) 5am, 4th April 1982

56. Base Aérea “Chabunco” Puntas Arenas, Chile, 3am (local time) 4th April 1982

57. Río Gallegos Airport, Santa Cruz, Argentina, 5.15am, 4th April, 1982

58. Stanley Airport, 7.20am, 4th April 1982

59. Foreign Ministery, Buenos Aires, 9am, 4th April 1982

60. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 11am, 4th April 1982

61. Stanley Airport, 11.08am, 4th April 1982

62. The White House, Noon (EST) 4th April 1982

63. Wideawake Airfield (RAF Ascension Island) 9pm, 4th April 1982

64. Naval Ministry, Buenos Aires, 9.30pm, 4th April 1982

65. Government House, Port Stanley, 10pm 4th April 1982

66. Ministry of Defence, 2am, 5th April 1982

67. HMS Endurance, 7.25am, Port William

68. HMS Conqueror, 400 miles ESE of Recife, Brazil, 10am (local time) 5th April

69. Government House, Port Stanley, Noon 5th April 1982


Cymraeg has published the story as a short novel in ebook form. You can buy it here.

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