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The Falcon Cannot Hear: The Second American Civil War 1937-1944

The Falcon Cannot Hear is Ephraim Ben Raphael first non-ASB TL. It outlines a scarily plausible scenario wher Franklin Roosevelt assassinated that fateful day in Miami. Unfortunately things go down hill from there and in 1937 the Third Bonus Army kills President Alf Landon. Then Chief of Staff Douglas McAurther, who apparently was ticked off that AH.Com hates Wilson more then him, declares himself head of a “temporary” military administration (The Khakis). And then Huey Long allies with some Facists and declares himself President (The Whites). Then the not-Stalinists declared the Provisional Government (The Blues). And the the Stalinists declared the American Soviet Republic (The Reds). And then some Farmers who don't like the banks or the unions declare themselves in charge as the Continental Congress, who are logically the Brit's favorite (The Greens). And then North Dakota proclaims independence.

And then there's Civil War. Read it for more info.

The timeline prematurely ended on September 1, 2014 when it was discovered that much of it had been plagiarized. Leading to the thread's closure and the kicking of Ephraim Ben Raphael. EBR later apologized via PM, and said he intends to eventually rewrite it without plagiarism. It has since been restarted in a new thread.

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