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The Empire State


OTL: In 1791, Alexander Hamilton began an affair with a woman named Maria Reynolds which he continued for some time in Philedelphia. He was also blackmailed by Maria's husband and he eventually was outed by several important Republican newspapers. As the leader of Federalist Party and one of the most powerful men in Washington's administration; this caused quite an uproar and forced Hamilton to resign from his post as Secreatary of the Treasury. Eventually, through the loss of Federalist power in 1800 and the death of his oldest son in 1801, he began a downward spiral that led to the duel between Aaron Burr and his untimely death in 1804.

ATL: He avoids the affair entirely and remains a powerful force within the Federalist Party. When the Adams Administration begins to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts as well as try to stop the Quasi War, Hamilton is appauled and uses his great force within the Party to oust John Adams and run for President in the Election of 1800. With more suport from the North and war fever running high, Hamilton wins the election…

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