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The Divine Kaiju

Written by BlackWave, The Divine Kaiju is a fairly light-hearted ASB 'mini-TL' dealing with various Toho monsters popping out more or less out of nowhere across the world in World War Two. Now complete, it can be viewed here.

Monsters appearing

* Godzilla: Appears during the battle of Midway, and ends up laying waste to Hawaii, San Francisco, Denver, and Hoover damn.

* Rodan: An anti-Axis agent who confuses Wehrmacht forces on the Eastern Front

* Mechagodzilla: Sent down to aid the Allies. Ends up being captain by General Montgomery.

* Mothra: Another Anti-Axis agents who assists Great Britain.

* Kaiser Ghidorah: A monster who affiliates with Nazi Germany, but ends up defecting.

* Gigan: Stored in an American base under the Nevada desert, Gigan fails to stop Godzilla's rampage and is later destroyed in the climatic battle.

* Anguiris: Sides with Italy; is defeated in Paris

* King Kong: Sides with Canada.

* DESTOROYAH!: An immensely powerful monster, DESTOROYAH! sides with the USSR and is sent to attack the US East coast.

* Zilla: Attacks Godzilla at Hoover Dam. Fares just as well as he did in Final Wars.

* Kamacuras: Aids the Polish Resistance in taking Warsaw.

* Varan: Killed by Godzilla at Denver. Good riddance.

* Biollante: Attacks Australia; is later defeated.

* Jet Jaguar: Turns up at the final battle to help turn the tide.

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