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The Dead Skunk


December 23, 1814. Major General John Keane, leading a small British army through the Louisiana bayou, sees an owl swoop down and kill a skunk. This inspires the normally cautious Keane to attempt a surprise attack on New Orleans, instead of halting downriver from the city as IOTL. The attack succeeds beyond his wildest dreams — not only does he take New Orleans, but when Andrew Jackson attempts to deny the city to the British by burning it to the ground, the Louisiana militia turns against him.

Of course, soon afterwards the British sign the Treaty of Ghent, requiring Keane to abandon the city. But the New Orleanians don't want him to go. And with good reason — many in the U.S. have come to believe that the city government and militia have engaged in a massive act of treachery. The situation soon spirals out of control…

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