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The CSA from "The Black and the Gray" is ISOTed to OTL September 1, 1950

The Black and the Gray is a timeline by robertp6165, based on a POD where the Cleburne Memorial was adopted by the Confederacy in early 1864, instead of being suppressed as per OTL. The Confederacy wins its independence, and the resulting nation is far more racially liberal than the OTL post-Civil War South had been. Furthermore, the butterflies released by this independent Confederacy drastically transform the world itself. By 1950, this Confederacy has grown to include sixteen States, enjoys excellent relations between the races (at least compared to those which existed in OTL 1950), is a great power with good relations to the United States, and lives in a world where Communism and Nazism never took root.

THE CSA OF “THE BLACK AND THE GRAY” IS ISOTED TO OTL SEPTEMBER 1, 1950 explores what might have happened if this racially liberal (compared to the OTL USA in 1950) and internationally successful Confederate States of America were transported from its own world to our own at 3:00 a.m. on the morning of September 1, 1950. One important factor…the CSA in THE BLACK AND THE GRAY includes Maryland, and has its capital at Washington, C.D. (Confederate District). So the vast majority of the OTL Federal Government of the United States…including President Harry Truman, most of the Supreme Court and most of the Senate and House of Representatives… suddenly vanishes when the CSA appears in our world. The story of how this Confederacy seeks to fit into our world, and how our world seeks to adapt to it in return, makes for an entertaining story!

This timeline-in-progress may be read here.

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