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The Black Eagle

This timeline is about the victory of Manfred and the butterflies caused by his victories.

Point of Divergence

Terrified by these proceedings, the new Pope Urban IV excommunicated him. The pope first tried to sell the Kingdom of Sicily to Richard of Cornwall and his son, but in vain. In 1263 he was most successful with Charles, the Count of Anjou, a brother of the French King Louis IX, who accepted the investiture of the kingdom of Sicily at his hands. Hearing of the approach of Charles, Manfred issued a manifesto to the Romans, in which he not only defended his rule over Italy but even claimed the imperial crown.

Charles' army, some 30,000 strong, entered Italy from the Col de Tende in late 1265. He soon reduced numerous Ghibelline strongholds in northern Italy and was crowned in Rome in January 1266, the pope being absent. On 20 January he set southwards and waded the Liri river, invading the Kingdom of Sicily. After some minor clashes, the rival armies met at the Battle of Benevento on 26 February 1266, and Manfred's army won and defeated Charles, Count of Anjou and killed Charles, Count of Anjou in action in Latium, the victory was a pyrrhic victory against the Papacy and the Angevins and Manfred forced the pope to lift his excommunication.

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Countries that exist in this Timeline

Kingdom of Italy

A successor state to the Holy Roman Empire, Established by Conradin or Conrad I of Italy, it is ruled by the descendants of Infante Sancho of Castile.


confederation of towns known as Irraya and basically a state and it is controlling all sides of the Mahabe Pagotan mountain range and all of the Bannag River Valley.


The United Mongol Vassal State West of Japan.


Its territories are Greater Poland, Silesia and Prussia, it is founded by Henry of Silesia.

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