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The Bird Men of Patagonia

The Bird Men of Patagonia is an ASB timeline by Pkmatrix telling the story of Francisco del Puerto, a young Spanish sailor captured and pressed into slavery by a race of large sapient birds (called “Eliohaar”) after Spanish Conquistadors stumble upon their civilization in early 16th Century South America. The timeline alternates between Francisco's story and Wikipedia articles from an ATL 2012 that further expand on the culture, language, and backstory of the Birds.

Part One of the timeline was completed in December 2012. It was later revised, retitled A Slave of the Bird Men, and serialized in Issues #8, #9, and #10 of Innovate E-Magazine. In March 2016 Pkmatrix published it as a standalone book.

Pkmatrix began writing Part Two in March 2013, but progress has been incredibly slow. The timeline updated for the first time in nearly two years in June 2015. In early 2016 Pkmatrix returned to writing the timeline and intends to begin updating again before April 2016.

It can be read here.


Rio de la Plata and La Region Mesopotamica in Uruguay and Argentina. In Part One the principal location is the fictional city of Atilatius, situated in the location of OTL's Paysandu, Uruguay. Part Two expands the setting to the neighboring kingdoms of Heliokates and Uakyesan, located respectively at OTL's Junin, Argentina and González Catán, Argentina.

Point of Divergence

The timeline has two major points of diversion:

  • 3 Million Years Ago, when the ficional species Cariama Primitivus, the earliest ancestor of the Eliohaar, evolved, developing social and aggressive behavior in response to the mammilian invasion of South America during the Great American Interchange.
  • 20th of January, 1516, when European explorers first encountered the Eliohaar.




  • Oka'ee Ereter Raudhua - Leader of the Oka'ee clan, 'Lord Ereter' is a high-ranking noble amongst the Eliohaar in the city of Atliatius.
  • Oka'ee Itwua - Lord Ereter's wife. Francisco often thinks of her as 'Lady Itwua' or, simply, 'the Lady'.
  • Oka'ee Useokadea - Lord Ereter's second, less favored, wife.
  • Oka'ee Kothidy Eyeu - Lord Ereter's younger, friendlier, cousin.
  • Laaptui Sukoktheu Truieu - King of Atlatius.

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