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The Airship President

The Airship President is the first work written by Eckener shortly after he joined the board in 2009. This is an early 20th century aviation timeline which explores an alternate development (and more importantly, survival), of the rigid airships, along with alternate political developments in Germany, the United States, and other countries. This timeline goes from 1932 until 1954.

Its sequel, The Airship Legacy, picks up in 1954 and continues up until 2005.

Also, the author's ideas for a mild remake of the timeline can be read here.


After the untimely death of German President Paul von Hindenburg in early 1932 (two years earlier than OTL), centrist politicians convince famed lighter-than-air proponent Hugo Eckener to run against Adolf Hitler in the presidential election later that spring.

Eckener defeats Hitler, and this TL follows the aftermath. Nazism becomes a footnote, Germany and the U.S. become close allies, and by the TL's end in 1954, Germany has reinvinted itself as a moderately liberal constitutional monarchy and has defeated the splintering Soviet Union in a war over Poland.

Thanks to continued government support and a series of accidents suffered by heavier-than-air vehicles, the rigid airship remains the preferred way to criss-cross the globe by air.

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