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The Airship Legacy

The Airship Legacy is the sequel to The Airship President, written by Eckener. This TL picks up in 1954, where the first TL leaves off, and follows world history up until 2005.


This TL follows events primarily in Germany and the United States that resulted from the PoD in the first TL, namely Hugo Eckener becoming President of Germany in 1932. There is also a side story added that brings about the rise of a fascist government in Britain in the 1960s led by Oswald Mosley.

Technologically, this TL continues to follow the alternate development and expanded uses of rigid airships, which remain one of the primary means of air travel into the present, though by the 1970s heavier-than-air craft have finally broken into the passenger market, and airships have started to transition more towards cruise-ship style travel. Space exploration is ahead of OTL, with manned missions to Mars starting in the 1980s, along with colonization of the Moon.

This TL also explores some cultural developments, in film and music, along with social ones, namely a much more violent Civil Rights movement in the US.

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