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Supremacy League

A fascist guerilla group, the Supremacy League was responsible for the civil war that engulfed the ICMAG in the last 10 years. Purporting to be the successor to the Ku Klux Klan, a paramilitary group that was active in the last days of the War of Northern Aggression, the Supremacy League earned the nick name the Neo-Klan. While only a small part of the population, the Supremacy League had a powerful ally in the Republic of Texas. Texas hoped to use the League as a destabilizing influence in it's most powerful neighbor.


The Supremacy League is a fascist party with a central platform of Confederate Nationalism, the ethnic cleansing of all non-whites in the ICMAG, and the establishment of a renewed CSA.

The Supremacy League would deport or otherwise forcibly remove all non-whites from the ICMAG, and promote the immigration of whites to the nation. It calls for an increased birthrate, and a policy of no birth control. It has hopes of making a totally “Caucasian” Nation.


Originally a fringe party in the ICMAG, the Supremacy League gained power under the charismatic David Duke. Duke, originally a immigrant from Texas, soon gained a fervent following among the tough times of the late 1980's and 90's. Disputing the results of the 1995 election in the ICMAG, Duke declared himself the lawful President, and that his followers should fight the government in power. Fighting started immediatly, and the Supremacy League battled the Goverment's forces for three years. By 1998, the Government had the upper hand.


While the Supremacy League declared it's complete independence from any other group, it has been proven that Texas supplied many funds, and later arms to the League in return for keeping the Government of the ICMAG occupied. The fact that the leader of the League, David Duke, is from Texas is certainly suspicious. There are also unsubtantiated reports that the League received support from Deseret and British Mercenaries, but these allegations have never been proven.

War Crimes

The Leaders of the Supremacy League were condemned, in absentia, of ethnic cleansing by the Hague in 2005. They were guilty of concentration camps were blacks and other enemies such as Jews, and intellectuals were killed or worked to death. Most of the leaders escaped, and are now living in Texas, or are in hiding. The fate of the Imperial Grand Wizard, David Duke is unknown, but it is believed that he was killed in 2004 by an American Irgun Cell. This report has never been verified.

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