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 ======= Straight Out of Development Hell ====== ======= Straight Out of Development Hell ======
-popcultural ​[[late 20th century]] timeline written by [[offtopic:​MaskedPickle]]. It is set within a 1967-2012 timeframe and you can find it [[http://​​discussion/showthread.php?​p=6590770|here]].+ [[late 20th century]] ​[[popular culture|popcultural ​timeline]] written by [[offtopic:​MaskedPickle]]. It is set within a 1967-2012 timeframe, mostly concerns alternate developments of cinematography ​and you can find it [[​forum/threads/​1/​post-6590770|here]]. 
 +==== Navigation ==== 
 +**[[Late 20th century|Late 20th Century Timelines]]** 
 +**[[timelines:​timelines_and_scenarios|Alternate History Timelines and Scenarios Main Directory]]**
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