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Sticking with a Sure Thing

Premise and POD

In the author's own words :

It's been bugging me. Back in the 1980's and 90's the Ford Taurus was regularly the best selling car in North America, and easily the best car in it's segment, The Same with the Ranger Pickup and Many of Ford's other products. Then Ford goes and chases The Massive profits from the Large and Midsize SUVs to such an extent that their other products suffered severely. Which put them in the Same piss-poor situation as GM and Chrysler were in back before the bailouts. Let's say they stick with Alexander Trotman's “Ford 2000 initiative”, with a bit of tweaking for Certain Issues. So I've Decided to do a Mini TL from it. I'll post the First segment in a little bit.


The current version of the TL has more of an essay-like format, with little to no narrative. The author has mentioned plans on eventually creating a revised and expanded second version of the timeline.

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