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Space-Filling Empire (Look to the West)

Officially the British Royal Africa Company, in Look to the West, the rejuvenated Company under Thomas Space and Arthur Filling is commonly nicknamed the “Space Filling Empire”.

History of the Royal Africa Company

The RAC was founded by James, Duke of York (later James II) in the 17th century as a slaving company. It lost its monopoly in 1731 and thereafter switched to other African commodities, such as gold dust and ivory. The Company went bankrupt in the Royal Africa Bubble of 1782, causing the resignation of the Prime Minister and the jailing of its directors. Thereafter, the regenerated Company was put under the leadership of mainly former East India Company men such as Filling and Space.

Since its inception, the New RAC has focused on finding new commodities in West Africa and exploiting their trade. It also has a strong abolitionist streak, partnering organisations wishing to re-colonise freed slaves in Africa (see Freedonia) and opposes the slave trade.

Flag of the Royal Africa Company

The RAC flag is the same as the OTL version, but with the St Andrew's Cross added (this version was made in OTL but never caught on) :

Kingdom of Great Britain - Parent nation of the Royal Africa Company in Look to the West.

Royal Chartered Companies - Other fellow colonial companies of the RAC (SFE) from Look to the West.

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