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The Kingdom of South Africa

In Decades of Darkness, the Kingdom of South Africa was formed out of three British colonies (The Cape, Natal, and Beachunaland) and three Boer Republics (Orange Free State, Transvaal, and Maritizia) on January 1st, 1901. It was formed six years after the conclusion of The Kingdom War and due to problems among the Afrikaner delegation, rules regarding aparthied are never put into place and the capital is placed in Cape Town intead of Pretoria, known as Retief in this TL. South Africa took advantage of the Portugese Bankrupcy of 1920 to annex all lands south of the Zambezi River. South Africa also played a large role in The Great War, capturing German Mozambique and annexing those territories. After the Great War, much of the South Africa stands in 1948 as a prosperous, integrated nation apart of The Restored Empire.

History of South Africa

Before 1901

Cape Colony was originally settled by the Dutch in the early 1600's and was captured by the British in the 1770's. Resentful at British policies, the rural Dutch Farmers or Boers began the Great Trek, which was bolstered by more German and Dutch immigrants in OTL. Ultimately they set up four states; Orange Free State, Transvaal, Natalia, and Maritiza. Natalia was overrun by the British in the mid 1850's and tensions began to mount between the remaining Boer States and the British authorities in the Cape when gold was dicovered in Witwatersland in 1881. The Cape, led by Frederick Morton began adovcating a war to conquer the increasingly uncooperative Boer states. Eventually in 1893, the boer Republics delared war on the British Empire, sparking off the Kingdom War.


Government of South Africa

The government system of the Kingdom of South Africa is a Parliamentary System based closely on the British parliament, far closer than OTL South Africa (because of a larger British presence).

Culture of South Africa

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