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2051: The Turan Federation forms out of the Central Asian states, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

China occupies several regions of Western Papua.

South Iraq buys the DMZ and renewed independence for Basra from Kurdistan and Iran.

Designer clone children are getting normal in East Asia, Russia and some Eastern European countries are also relaxing regulations.

2052: Jordania annexes the western Iraqi oil fields leaving North Iraq crippled.

Austria joins Inner Europe. Macedonia is admitted into the EU.

Olympics in Samarkand.

2053: Israel and Palestine form a binational, multireligious state.

Catalonia gains independence from Inner Europe but stays in the EU-Zone.

2054: Various neurological breakthoughs. Brain augmentations get common as do Computer/brain interfaces. Several scientists state that it could be possible to simulate an entire human mind when the progress in DNA computing continues.

Congolese rebel armies split the remains of the country again, the Democratic Rpublic ceases to exist.

2055: There is a expensive but working Aids Vaccine on the market, developed by the German/American “Jungbrunnen” corporation.

Socialist insurgency in Colombia sponsored by Venezuela and Ecuador.

Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay form the Southamerican Democratic Alliance (SDA) to counter the Solidarity Pact. Brazil refuses membership.

2056: So called “Trade wars” between Indonesia, several Ex-Indonesian splinter states full of American mercenaries and privateers, Chinese, Papuan New-Guinean and Papuan forces.

Olympics in Havanna.

2057: The “NeoOrisha-Movement”(new name needed) in western Africa gains pace and is the fastest growing new religion worldwide. It combines African tradition, Africanamerican voodoo and high technology. Its worldly arm is a growing international guerilla force called African Liberation Army, highly involved in the smuggle of drugs, medicine, software and weapons.

Independence of the South Sahara Republic and the Dominion of Tarfaya which manages the bordering security zone together with Morrocco.

2058: Balochistan rebels declare secession from Pakistan.

Ukraine is admitted into the EU.

Israel/Palestine, Jordan and Greece form the “Mediterranean Defense League”

2059: Beginning of the third world war between USA,EU the Central African Pact, several other states on one side and China, Russia, the South American Solidarity Pact, the East African Federation and several other states on the other one over the continued and now direct Chinese/American confrontation in Indonesia. Russia invades Europe fastly, while Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and American forces fight in the Pacific. Satellite wars are all around the globe.

Saudi Arabia, the Mediterranean Defense League and Australia stay neutral, and Iran, South Iraq, Basra Free State, Oman, Kuwait and the Emirates form the Gulf alliance, committed to neutrality to either war party too.

2060: The worlds population reaches 9,1 billion.

Brazil joins the SDA and begins sending troops into Peru.

US troops march invade Venezuela and try to secure Colombia.

Russian forces occupy Finland, parts of Sweden and the Baltic states in a surpise. North and eastern europe are a single warzone. The Ukraine gets full EU membership though half of the country is now in Russian hands.

Olympics in Teheran. Most Athletes cannot show up because of the war. Critics call the event “Middle Eastern-Turkish Olympics”

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