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2011: World Population reaches 6.9 Billion.

Newromantic Art Movement, religious influenced fantasy paintings and installations of monumental size. Untouched nature is another important theme here.

Armenia lets the EU station Troops within its borders and breaks its alliance with russia. Georgia goes a similar way. Abkhazia and South Ossetia are now independent nations under (and dependent on) russian guide.

Chinas international search for allies to break US Encirclement and get a better grip on ressources is widely successful in eastern africa and southeast asia as diplomatic relations and trade agreements work better than ever.

Laos allies with the US.

US-Army and IDF bomb several targets in Iran to destroy its emerging capability of nuclear warfare.

The East African Federation (EAF) is founded.

2012: Croatia joins the European Union and the newly founded Republic of Kosovo applies for Membership.

Olympics in London.

Seventh Balochistan rebellion in Pakistan begins with the formation of the union of the Baluch tribes under leadership of Fahad Bugti.

Iran demonstrates a nuclear missile in public and threatens to use it on targets in Israel and Europe if the bombings do not stop. Peace talks are taken up in Astrakhan, Russia.

A suicide bomber on a street festival in germany causes 156 deaths.

2013: Perus turns into a socialist country after a military coup against the Garcia Administration led by the Humala family.

The expansion of the Panama canal is completed.

Television and phone-networks are now an integral part of the internet.

2014: Venezuela starts to change its oil export away from the US and more towards china and the South-American market.

Hezbollah takes over in Lebanon with Iranian funding.

Syria gets the nuclear bomb from Iran. During the renewed talks for a new Non-Proliferation Treaty the world gets on the brink of a all-out nuclear war in the middle east as USA and Israel threaten Syria and Iran with a first strike.

International conference on the proliferation of biochemical weapons of mass destruction.

Chads goverment is overthrown by rebels assisted from Sudan and is defeated by a joint - intervention by EU and US-Troops. Not long after Sudan allies with China and allows it to station troops in it`s territory. Chinas “Peaceful Development” strategy is publically abandoned shortly before.

The USA send troops into Mexico to help the Mexican army with the ongoing drug war and rising revolutionary movements in the south.

2015: Turkey emerges from a short civil war and a failed military coup under islamic rule. It breaks with the EU in favor of central asian and arabic relations. Voices to leave the NATO too get louder.

Touareg rebellions in Algeria, Niger and Mali are defeated with help by EU troops. This is the biggest deployment of combat drones in history until now.

The traffic on the major highways of USA, Germany and Switzerland is now monitored by flying surveillance drones.

2016: China stations peace troops in Somalia to fight the Islamic Guerillas together with the US and Ethipia. Guerilla warfare continues. Somaliland declares independence with Chinese and Ethipian assistance. The US now controls Puntland which is also heading to independence.UN and EAF troops patrol in the rest of somalia.

US troops are stationed in Eritrea.

The Pakistani regime is stabilised with Chinese and Indian help.

Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

The cyclone Marianna hits Australia and destroys the city of Darwin.

2017: Turkey demonstrates nuclear arms and leaves the NATO in a rush of nationalistic pride. Iran, Syria and Turkey form a three-powers alliance. Lebanon and Palestine get Observer Status. In fear of the worst middle eastern war ever the west goes for negotations and Embargoes. They begin to arm the kurdish resistance.

Hybrid electric vehicle are now a common sight throughout the western countries.

The UN starts an iniative to declare several areas of the worlds oceans as international sea parks forbidding fishing, pollution and heavy transport.

Israel retreats from the West Bank.

The EU starts to build up the common army Euroforce.

2018: Ethnic uprisings in several parts of Myanmar are defeated but the movements continue. China tries to negotiate.

A global summit on climate change and the coming scarcity of energy supplies is held at Dubai for a week. Several longtime plans are made. They include the increasing use of nuclear power plants worldwide and a giant project to put up solar plants in earths orbit.

The Fusion Energy - test project ITER takes up work and must be taken down for maintenance immediately after the first operation.

With the rise of wireless network hubs the Internet now reaches even to the last corners of the earth. Half of the worlds population uses the net by now.

The USA, Israel, India and the EU create a working missile defense system for their whole territory. One year later Russia, China and Japan have similar Systems working. The threat of nuclear destruction by intercontinental missiles seems banned for a while.

2019: Macedonia joins the European Union.

The Global Information Grid of the US army is online and working. Similar projects are on their way in other countries and a global arms race for Combat Viruses begins.

Second palestinian civil war ends with the destruction of the Hamas-organization.

The military use of mercenaries becomes increasingly common throughout the various conflicts of the world. Either specialists or employed ethnic minorities promies their own states fight for nearly every great power.

Several chinese cities are completely monitored by surveillance cameras now.

Peaceful unification of Korea with Chinas Help after the death of Kim Jon Il and a short interim regime by his son Kim Jong Chul troubled by heir wars. The new Republic Korea is dependent on Chinas, Japans and USAs investment to compensate the drawbacks of reunification. The united Korean government declares absolute neutrality. Korea disarms its nuclear arsenal in favor of massive Japanese financial aid. After the union a new form of corporation emerges, the so called Neo-Chaebols. There is full amnesty for members of the North Korean regime, leading to continued protest movements.

2020: The worlds population reaches 7.9 billion. One Billion of these suffers from malnutrition and famine, mainly Africans and Indians. The UK defeats a socialist coup on Jamaica and take the country back under european dominion

Olympics in Warsaw.

Brutal-Art movement, Installations and Performances that hurt people in public.

Angolan-Congolese war or third Congo war ends in favour of Angola and its allies, the Eastern African Federation. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is now landlocked because Angola took Cabinda and neighbouring regions and loses its east to rebel forces who found the Katanga Republic. Burundi annexes South-Kivu and Rwanda north Kivu.

The growth of the Indian economy begins to slow due to several crises, social unrest and problems with water and energy infrastructure.

NASAs second moon mission is a success. Also, plans are made public to construct a space elevator and manned stations on the LaGrange points 1 and 2.

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