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The Selma Massacre Timeline - 1967 and Beyond

This is a general overview of the events occuring in 1967 and beyond in The Selma Massacre timeline.

Note that as work progresses, this will be filled out and be exclusively for 1967, but for now, it includes everything written beyond 1966.


General Undated

Jim Jones's People's Temple Seige occurs.


Undated - Revolutionary Battalionsformed in Germany


29 - Fidel Castro dies of a heart attack.


General Undated

John Lennon has an affair with Yoko Ono, the first of several affairs with Asian women.


15 - Che Guevara escapes from New Bilibid prison in the Phillipines.


General Undated

US military intelligence figures out their network in the north has been compromised. MACV-SOG is given a free hand to operate in the north. Richard Marchinko is involved in a raid on Dongxing targeting Che Guevara.


Undated - Che Guevara writes to his daughter that he is training in Chiang Rai Thailand.


10- Charles Manson and family ambush Los Angeles Police.

Undated: Manson Family's Topanga Compound attacked by LAPD's Special Weapons Attack Platoon, organized under the consultation of Charlie Beckwith.


Undated - Che Guevara has left Asia and arrived in Goiânia, Brazil because the Chinese are angry at him.

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