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The Selma Massacre Timeline - 1966

This is a general overview of the events occuring in 1966 in The Selma Massacre timeline.

General Undated

Aqeel Ake makes an assassination attempt on King Hussein. This paves the way for an Israeli-Jordanian alliance.


Undated: An Australian soldier leaks the story of the My Thuan Massacre to Dan Rather.

4 - Che Guevara writes Fidel Castro from Vietnam, praising the NVA and VC, and talking about Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

5 - Department of Defense admits the the U.S. Regular Army is not sufficiently large enough to handle it's current commitments.

8 - The Tuaregs declare independence in southern Algeria.

11 - Pentagon officials announce plans to redeploy up to 20,000 troops from West Germany to Vietnam over the next 6 months.

15 - Viet Cong mortar and sapper attack at Cam Ranh Air Base destroys a large number of US bombers when a mortar round hits a JP-4 fuel bladder.

16 - Indonesia launched a full scale invasion of Sarawak and North Borneo with the backing of the PRC.

18 - The NHL announces two expansion teams, one in Los Angeles and and one in Vancouver.


2 - The New York Times reports that 600 Cubans have died fighting in Algeria.

2-17 - Castro hosts the Tricontinental Conference. In attendance, among others, are Mehdi Ben Barka, Che Guevara, Stokey Carmichael, and Ilich Ramírez.

12 - George Seger, brother of musician Bob Seger, is killed in action in Vietnam.

15 - The 28th Infantry Division is called up for federal service.

18 - Christine Humphrey and 19 others die in a nursing home fire.

21 - Arthur Calwell is shot in Sydney.


3 - The formation of the American Patriotic Party (APP) at the Southern Governors' Association meeting in Charleston, South Carolina.


1 - Charles Whitman kills 18 in Austin.

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