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Rise of the Hashemite Caliphate

A timeline by Hashasheen. It is a part of The Strangerverse, spinoffs of Big Tex's timeline The United States of Ameriwank.

The Rise of the Hashemite Caliphate was a part of the Landshark Offensive.

The Beginning

In January 1900, Husayn Bin Ali, Sheik of Mecca, was visited by a man claiming to be from the future. In order to save the world from a terrible war, the stranger declares, he must unite the world under one religion; Islam. To do this, the stranger gives the Sheik several tools to accomplish this task. The stranger than vanishes, leaving the Sheik alone to carry out his mission.

To aid him in his endeavor, he summons the following people to aid him: His Sons; Faisal, Zeid, Abdullah, and Ali, later the Emirs of the Caliphate.

Connections and Differences from Ameriwank

As a spin-off of the Ameriwank timeline, Caliphate-wank possesses several connections and differences to its source material. These include:

The Stranger, who gave the tools to Washington in the Ameriwank timeline, instead chooses to give the tools to the Sheik, claiming to be one of the last Moslems in the future, where Islamic fundamentalism destroyed the Holy Cities.

Notable butterflies in the Timeline

The creation of the Kingdom of Iberia following the Spanish Civil War

A victorious Japanese Empire, and an alternate Chinese Civil War

Creation of a Confederate Mongolian States, in vasselage to the Empire of Japan.

The Khanate of Turkistan, under the House of Al Saud

A Romanov ruled Kingdom of Greece

An energised Italian Empire that later gets raped by the Hashemite Caliphate

Free French forces under the command of Rear-Admiral Darlan

A more motorised and smaller Germany Army

A fully focused on Stalin Line

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