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Republic of New York (The Many Nations of North America)

The Republic of New York is a nation that occupies the former U.S. state of New York. Its capital was previously New York City, but has moved to Buffalo due to New England occupation. Its flag is an orange-white-blue tricolor.


The Republic of New York dates it's history to the Colony of New Amsterdam, from which it derives its national colors. After the Final Civil War it joined New England in seceding to form the Confederation of New England. In 1933, however, it seceded from the Confederation, after a brief war of independence over disputed territory.

Animosity against New England has been a major feature of New York politics since its foundation; in 1948 it formed an alliance with Britain in order to pursue its claims to the Danish West Indies against New England. Although this was ultimately unsuccessful, the alliance remained. In 1961 border incidents escalated into the First North Eastern War, which ended with a New York defeat, leading to much bitterness. The nationalistic Conservative Republican Party heaviy defeated the New York Democratic Party in the elections later that year, leading to the dissolution of the Democrats and the institution of a dominant-party system.

Growing tensions with New England and economic turmoil to the west led to the proclamation of Rudy Guliani as President for Life. The Danbury Incident brought New York to war against New England, which would result in New York City and Long Island falling under New England occupation to the present day.

Government and politics

Prior to the North American War, New York had been a dictatorship since 1988, under the rule of Rudy Guliani. Since the war, the dictatorship has fallen, but democracy is still weak and resentments still flare against New England.

The government runs under the presidential system, with a directly elected president and weak legislature (although elections were suspended between 1988 and 2006). The legislature is the unicameral New York Assembly, which has been dominated by the New York Conservative Republican Party since the collapse of the New York Democratic Party in the early 1970s. Several small splinter parties of the Democratic Party such as the Social Democratic Party, the Workers Party, and the Liberal Party have seats in the New York Assembly, but are widely considered to have little chance of gaining power.

The current President of the Republic is Ann Coulter, who was Vice President under Giuliani from 1995 to 1999. She has repeatedly denounced the “Boston Royalites”, and is seen by New England as a dangerous demagouge.

Despite its nationalistic sentiments, New York is one of the most ethnically heterogenous nations in North America. However, the Coulter administration has pledged to introduce higher quotas for immigration.

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