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Red Star: A Soviet Lunar Landing

A late 20th century spaceflight timeline by SpaceGeek and Bahamut-255, with a litte help from Michel Van. You can find it here.

Premise and POD

After JFK's speech “We shall go to the Moon”, Khrushchev orders Korolev to work on a booster and spacecraft capable of taking cosmonauts to the lunar surface.

Post 01 JFK speech “We shall go to the Moon” and Korolev LK-1 LK-3 and N1 booster

Post 02 note by Bahamut-255

Post 03 Vostok vs Mercury 1

Post 04 Vostok vs Mercury 2

Post 05 Soviet rocket engine

Post 06 New Vostok Mission

Post 07 Vostok vs Gemini 1

Post 08 N11 launches and death fo Korolev

Post 09 Vostok vs Gemini 2

Post 10 The additional N11 tests, along with the first N1 test.

post 11 Apollo Program

Post 12 Apollo one…

Post 13 The Soyuz 7K-L1, 'Zond' N1 Saturn V test launches

Post 14 The Soyuz 7K-L1 Misison or the First men around the moon.

Post 15 The LK-3 lander in detail

Post 16 The next Soyuz 7K-L1 missions.

Post 17 Apollo 5 6 and 7 vs N1 Test failure

Post 18 L1-LOK first mission to the moon.

Post 19 Apollo Mission 9 and 10

Post 20 «Я прихожу в мир для всего человечества» in english “I Come in Peace for All Mankind”

Post 21 Apollo 11 & 12 the second on moon

Post 22 next soviet Lunar landing

Post 23 Apollo 13 & 14 and Failure of N! carrying next LK-Lok

Post 24 NASA and Soviets plans with Moon

Post 25 Soviet interplanetary program

Post 26 Apollo 15 & !6

Post 27 Soviet Zarya 1 Space Station

Post 28 Soviet Woman on Moon !

Post 29 Apollo 17 & 18 Mission

Post 30 Apollo 19 & Skylab A

Post 31 Soviet Zarya 2 Space Station

Post 32 more on Skylab A

Post 33 Soviet Mars Probe.

Post 34 a Soviet land on Lunar North pole.

Post 35 Skylab 4 mission

Post 36 the Futur of Soviet Lunar program

Post 37 LK Shelter

Post 38 Soviet Zarya 3 Space Station

Post 39 The utter failure of Soyuz 12's launch

Post 40 Soviet space suits

Post 41 more on Zarya 3

Post 42 Manned Lunar Exploration: LESA.

Post 43 Skylab B

Post 44 More on Skylab B 1

Post 45 More on Skylab B 2

Post 46 More on Skylab B 3.

Post 47 LESA

Post 48 LK-101 Mission.

Post 49 Zarya-4 Missions.

Post 50 NASA in late-70’s

Post 51 More on Zarya-4.

Post 52 Skylab C

Post 53 Skylab C Missions.

Post 54 Zarya-4 record Mission.

Post 55 Skylab 9 and 10 to Skylab C

Post 56 USA and USSR Space activity in 1978

Post 57 A look into daily life onboard a Soviet Space Station.

Post 58 Skylab C, A Summary

Post 59 “Interkosmos” program, Zarya-4 and Venera program.

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