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What Madness Is This ? : Propaganda

Artworks featuring propaganda from the setting of the What Madness Is This timeline. Most of these originate from the highly antagonistic and paranoid Republic Union, but propaganda of some of the other North American and European countries makes an appearance as well.

Posters and ads

The Republic Union

Goodyear Steelworks advertisement

"No Irish ! No Slavs !"

"Workers, support Custer !"

Anti-Irish propaganda of the Republican Union

"When you ride alone... you ride with Virginia !"

"Is one of these men Irish ?" secret police poster

"Jack might not just be a dull boy, he might be... a Slav !"

"The Pride of Purity" secret police poster

Anti-absinthe propaganda

Republica Beer advertisement

Joe Bar advertisement

"Say 'Bye, bye, Virginia'" surrender leaflet

"The Pope ? How many divisions has he got ?"

"Thanks for the tip, citizen !" secret police poster

Military Police poster

Secret police precursor recruitment poster

Early secret police recruitment poster

Secret police recruitment poster 1

Secret police recruitment poster 2

Secret police recruitment poster 3

Advertisement for Goodyear Blimps anniversary

"Daddy, what did you do in the Subjugation of Maryland ?"

"No stallin' !" army recruitment poster

"We'll NUKE the Beckies, Canucks, Georgies, Cokies..."

"...stickin' with Steele in '53..." national elections poster

Joe Steele election poster

'Pledge to the Republic Union' poster

Aerofleet recruitment poster

Aeroforce recruitment poster

Live dogfighting tournament advertisement

Advertisement for the Roosevelt Motors Grenadier passenger car

Advertisement poster for the propaganda thriller movie "Double-crossed"

Woman's Action Corps recruitment poster

"Sure, I want to fight Papist Imperialism... But how ?"

"Honor and Justice to All"

Hoss Wesley Song poster

"Billy Yank needs his coffee more than you !"

Propaganda 25 ¢ post stamp with spaceflight theme

Tau-Rho (OTL Red Cross equivalent) recruitment poster

Rev. Aaron Burr's 1828 Edition Bible

"Liberate the Caribbean Isles"

Anti-anarchist warning poster

Chemical Weapons Corps

The Chesapeake Republic of Maryland
Republic of Virginia
The Confederation of the Carolinas
The Republic of Georgia
Kingdom of Quebec
Commonwealth of England
Kingdom of Ireland

Propaganda films

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