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Prof.Pedant's TRNT-verse

Timeline posts


  • June 21st Abortive invasion by Roxolani of Earth
  • June 30th Flight of the 'Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang' First documented flight by a human-built contragravity vehicle. “ The next several centuries of human history can best be understood as the struggles of the pre-contact power structure of Earth to maintain its status quo, increase its profits, and accommodate the consequences of cheap transportation, cheap power, and 'nearly endless' resources”
  • August 11th First verified visit by a human-built starship, the Archaeopteryx, to the Alpha Centauri system.
  • November 27th Luna City founded.


  • July 30th Arrival of UN expedition to Roxolan
  • February 24th Formation of Orbital Garbage Commission and later Orbital Traffic Control. “if you do not cooperate with Orbital Traffic Control you may become Orbital Garbage Control's problem…”


2042 Part 1

2042 Part 2

  • November 27th Formation of the Interstellar Commonwealth

January 2043

February 2043

March 2043

  • March 3rd Anti-aging treatment capable of extending human life by somewhere from ten to forty years introduced.

April 2043

May 2043

June 2043

July 2043

August 2043

September 2043




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