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Portuguese Timelines and Scenarios

Portugal-centered TLs

TLs in which the country makes appearances

  • Pax Napoleonica by Zach - The kingdoms of Portugal and Southern Lusitania and Brazil becoming a permanent empire after sheltering the Portuguese royal family, defeated by the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Fight and Be Right by EdT - Amusingly, the technological equivalent of World War I occurs here around 1915, during political upheavals known as The Portuguese Civil War.
  • Four Scenes from São Tomé by Jonathan Edelstein - Portugal plays a major role in the backstory, since it's the initiator of the colonial effort on the island of Sao Tomé.
  • The Chaos TL by Max Sinister - for some time part of the Triple monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal, the country acquires a good part of western Africa as colonies. Independent for some time in between, becomes part of Spain after the Anti-French War. Many people flee to the colonies now, forming the new ruler class there. Later becomes an integrated kingdom in the New Roman Empire, even later part of the Socialist Block.

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