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Player Two Start

A late 20th century video game timeline by RySenkari and Nivek. You can find it here. Can also be read here on the AltHist Fandom Wiki.


Three years after Nintendo's fateful deal with Sony to partner up on the creation of a CD-ROM device for the Super Nintendo, Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi realizes that the deal leaves Nintendo in an unfavorable position. He sends Howard Lincoln and Minoru Arakawa to the Netherlands to negotiate with Phillips in hopes of working with them on a CD-ROM instead. In OTL, the deal is completed, and Nintendo makes a deal with Phillips, announcing it at the 1991 Summer CES and humiliating Sony. Despite attempts to re-negotiate with Nintendo, Sony is repeatedly re-buffed, and eventually, decides to strike out on its own, leading to the birth of the Sony PlayStation.

In this timeline, the POD occurs as Lincoln and Arakawa are negotiating with Phillips. At the very last second, Yamauchi gets second thoughts. He decides to place a phone call to Sony's Norio Ohga in the hopes of re-negotiating the deal. Ohga agrees. The rest is history.


The timeline has finished, its last post covering 2000's E3 expo. A sequel timeline picking up from where the original left off, Massively Multiplayer, is planned.

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