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Peruvian Timelines and Scenarios

Peru-centered TLs

TLs in which the country makes appearances

  • The Kingdom of Peru, a constituent part of the Empire of New Spain from Look to the West by Thande - Incorporated into the Empire after the Third Platinean War, consisting of territories conquered from or in rebellion against the United Provinces. Also includes the region formerly an autonomous Tahuantinsuya state under the Meridians, conquered and suppressed between 1809 and 1820. Ruled by King Gabriel I. The capital is Lima.
  • Pax Napoleonica by Zach - Together with its on-and-off ally Quito (OTL Ecuador) Peru becomes an authoritarian country for much of its independent history, holds a grudge against the Republic of Gran Colombia due to land disputes and later adopts the Zavtraist ideology of Russian general Morchenko. It also participates in the Second Great War.
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