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Outbreak : 2010

A (once) future history timeline about a Swine Flu outbreak that was much much worse than the first time around.

Full Timeline


18 March 2009: The first cases of Swine Flu appear in Mexico.

28 March 2009: The first cases of Swine Flu reach the United States in California and Texas.

4 May 2009: There are now 985 cases in 20 countries. Experts believe the disease is now on the decline.

18 May 2009: 40 countries now have the disease with 8,829 people infected across the globe. The World Health Organization's (WHO) pandemic alert level is still at five. One level below a full pandemic.

1 June 2009: June begins with 17,410 cases in 62 countries. The WHO considers declaring Swine Flu an official global pandemic.

11 June 2009: The WHO declares a full-blown phase 6 pandemic for the first time in 41 years.

Mid-September 2009: Swine Flu has mostly subsided with very few new cases being reported to the World Health Organization. The phase 6 pandemic is downgraded to phase 4. By the end of the year Swine Flu is no longer a worry for the WHO.


19 January 2010: Swine Flu once again returns to Mexico when a Sonoran farmer is infected and dies of the disease. By the end of the week 38 people in the community will be infected.

22-29 January 2010: During this week, research into the new strain of Swine Flu begins and the WHO discovers that it is much stronger than the first and give it the nickname “Swine Flu II.” Upon hearing of the discovery, Mexican citizens in and around the community Sonora community begin to panic.

2 February 2010: The Mexican government issues a statement to the people of Sonora saying, “There is no need to panic. We expect this disease to be no worse than the one in 2009.” By the time the public hears the statement 57 people are dead in Sonora alone with all states bordering the U.S. with confirmed cases. Also the first cases arrive in the United States in Los Angles and New York City.

6 February 2010 The disease explodes in the major U.S. cities. In L.A. over 200 people are infected in just 4 days with another 150+ in NYC. The Mexican death toll has reached 200 and the U.S. death toll is at 48. All border towns, on both sides of the border, have at least 25 infected persons with the number growing each day.

U.S. President Barack Obama issues a statement saying, “We are working with the government of Mexico and other nations all across the globe to create a cure to stop this terrible disease. We have already lost too many people to it and we will stop it. Mark my words America we will stop this disease.” By the end of the day, President Obama would receive a report stating all Central American nations have at least 5 reported cases of the disease.

8 February 2010 The Flu reaches Canada after being unknowingly transmitted by an American tourist to a Canadian tourist on the “Maid of the Mist” boat ride. The first cases in Europe have also appeared after a French family returned from Mexico amidst the Swine Flu panic.

Panic across the U.S. grows with more and more people dying each day in the border states. In Texas alone over 200 people have now died and thousands of people in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California are fleeing north each day. Many are already carrying the disease. The U.S. death toll is now at 900 and is expected to be over 1,000 in no more than two days. Senators from the border states publicly pressure President Obama to close the U.S. border with Mexico to combat the spread of the disease with the Mexicans that flee across the border.

12 February 2010 President Obama under huge pressure by Congress and the public he closes the U.S.-Mexican border and activates the entire Army National Guard of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and half of California's They are sent them to stop all traffic coming from Mexico.

In Paris, France the disease begins to spread. No one has died yet but around 20 citizens are infected. All do not yet know they carry it but by the end of the week the will have died.

13 February 2010 By Valentine's Day the U.S. death toll is over 2,200. Mexico is much worse with over 3,500 dead and many thousands more infected.

In the two days since the border has closed, hundreds if not thousands of Mexicans, have come to the border hoping to get to the United States to escape Swine Flu II. In Texas several make it over the border but are quickly shot by the Texas National Guard who have shoot-to-kill orders against anyone that tries to flee. Multiple shots are heard on the Mexican side but the National Guard can do nothing about it.

14 February 2010

Once again in Texas a bold attempt is made by approximately 200 Mexicans to make it across to America. Many are armed with various hand guns, some with shot guns others with rifles and open fire on the Army. They are forced to return fire. The firefight would last no more than 10 minutes but all 200+ Mexicans are dead including many on Mexico's side caught in the crossfire. 11 U.S. soldiers are killed with 15 more wounded. When the news reaches Obama he is visibly upset. At the end of the day the U.S. toll is at 2,600 and still climbing.

16 February 2010

North America

All the National Guard along the border are put on full alert. The border is on complete lock down after the violence two days before. Because of the now many thousands of refugees violence is constant on the Mexican side of the border. Their supplies is beginning to run low and many resort to violence to get what they need. Gunshots can be heard nearly every hour around the clock. In several areas along the border drug lords have come take control but anarchy continues from the border to over 10 miles south. The Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, dispatches the army north to attempt to gain some control of the situation. The presence of the army angers the drug lords and tensions are extremely high. The smallest event could set it off.

Farther north reports of the cases come in from more big cities. Seattle, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Detroit and as far north as Boston. Each city has at least 100 cases with at least 25 deaths.


In France the disease is finally noticed four days after its arrival when the mother and son of the family that brought it to France dies. The entire city block in which they live is quarantined in hopes of stopping it there. Unfortunately for Europe the attempt will fail. Before the news would reach Britain and the rest of the European Union a small car accident on the English side of the Chunnel will bring it to the U.K. A French businessman is rear-ended by a British college student. The businessman from the same city block in Paris as the family transmits it to the student. When the accident is resolved the student continues on his way back to London while the Frenchman returns home to repair his car and finds his block quarantined. When French authorities find out he is from the area his is immediately detained and rushed to the local hospital for evaluation.

The disease has yet to reach Africa, Asia, Australia but it won't be long.

18 February 2010

North America

Tensions remain high on the Mexican border from the Gulf of Mexico thousands of refugees have massed at the border hoping to get across to the United States to get help for the disease. Unfortunately no such help exists yet. More skirmishes like the one in Texas happen all along the border and multiple check points. The Mexican side is in even worse shape as drug cartels are battling each other for supplies in some places. In others total anarchy is taking a toll on many. The Mexican army who was deployed to the border region is stretched extremely thin due to huge amounts of desertion, kidnappings of soldiers by the cartels and murders of many other soldiers. In the El Paso region of the border a portion of the army sympathizes with the refugees. It all goes to hell at 5:30 am local time when the U.S. National Guard garrison of 4,000 is awoken by small arms fire coming from the south. A patrol of 30 soldiers is sent to investigate the gunfire. By 6:00 am in the Sunset Heights neighborhood on West Yandell Drive near the on ramp to Interstate-10 a small group of 15-20 Mexicans had managed to sneak across the border undetected. The lie in wait for the Americans to come right into the middle of their ambush. At exactly 6:04 am they open fire. The Army is taken by complete surprise and take 5 casualties before returning fire. At the same time the checkpoint at Mexican Highway 2 is overrun by the Mexican Army. They rush to the ongoing battle at the on ramp. Reports of other such conflicts come in from all along the border. When the news reaches President Obama…….


Paris is put on a mild form of martial law. No public meetings except for grocery and emergency needs. A curfew is also in-forced. When Great Britain discovers its first cases in London the Chunnel is closed. North Ireland gets its first cases as well.

19 February 2010

North America

The battle at El Paso, Texas goes on until the mid-afternoon. It soon become a house to house fight with the Mexicans gaining the advantage in numbers. It is estimated over 7,000 Mexicans came across including an unknown number of Mexican Army. The U.S. troops pull back to Providence Memorial Hospital north of Sunset Heights. They take control of everything south of I-10 and from Sunset heights in the west to highway 54 in the east. They attempt to contact other border crossings and can only reach one that has experienced no violence. It is the highway 81 crossing in New Mexico. They reach one other crossing while it is still under attack. The crossing at the International Amistad Reservoir 150 miles west of San Antonio in Texas. Refugees begin to follow the army across the border and into the U.S. President Obama is outraged by the actions of the Mexican Army. He immediately sends a message to Mexican President Felipe Calderón. The message is short but gets the point across. It reads “Get you troops out of the United States of we will have a much bigger problem.” In cities like Los Angeles, where they have a Mexican population and many hundreds of cases of Swine Flu, celebrations happened in the streets when the Mexican Army overran the checkpoints. The celebrations soon turned into riots when the police came to disperse the crowd due to martial law. Much of Los Angeles is in chaos with the police facing lootings, robberies, and hate crimes against the Mexicans along with many of LA's non-Hispanic gangs fighting for control of their territory. More of the California National Guard has been activated to move in and control the violence.

In Canada all major cities have cases of the flu. In a bold move Prime Minister Stephen Harper closes the Canadian-U.S. border to all civilian traffic. Toronto and Montreal are under martial law because of widespread panic and looting due to the panic. Strict curfews are inforced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and several units from the Canadian Army. Canada is not experiencing refugee problems like the United States is with Mexico. Canada has announced that if the border situation becomes any worse they will assist the U.S. Army in the guarding of the border. If the refugees continue to go north they could become a problem for Canada.

The total U.S. death toll due to just the disease is now over 175,000. With the viloence in climbs to nearly 200,000 nation wide. Canada's death toll is at almost 60,000. In Mexico the toll is at well over 250,000 including violence. A toll with just the disease cannot be determined.


Paris and much of the surrounding area goes under full martial law. The French police control the city for now. There has been little violence and crime in the city since the discovery of the disease. Around 170 people have died in France with an unknown number infected that grows each day. More European countries report cases including Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. Great Britain has had much more trouble in its major cities with the disease. It seems to have exploded in London with tens of thousands infected. The city is under martial law along with most of the country but it seems to do no good. Violence in Ireland is directed towards citizens of Northern Ireland blaming them for bringing the disease to Ireland.


Japan and South Korea experience their first cases as well. It is also believed that North Korea has cases also.

24 February 2010

North America

It is still chaos in El Paso, Texas. After the U.S. Army retreat to Providence Memorial Hospital five days before thousands more have crossed the border into the United States. The 527th Military Intelligence Battalion based at Fort Bliss in El Paso collected information that stated the border attacks were fueled by the thousands of starving Mexicans on their side of the border while on the American side the soldiers and civilians they had more food than they needed. The 76th Military Police Battalion, the 1st Armored Division's 1st-5th Brigades, and 4th Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division are all in the process of forcing out the Mexicans from El Paso. The Mexicans are putting up surprisingly strong resistance and in much of the city is is bloody house to house fighting. President Obama, still very unhappy with Mexico, orders all armor and infantry units in the borders states to move south and assist in the removal of the Mexican Army from American soil. As of yet there are no plans to cross the border south into Mexico. The border checkpoint at the International Amistad Reservoir 150 miles west of San Antonio was over run on the 20th with several border patrol members beign captured. Their fate is currently unknown. In Los Angeles almost nothing has changed. Daily firefights erupt between rival gangs and between gangs and California National Guard units patrolling the streets doing their best to keep peace. The city has effectively fallen into anarchy. The police and National Guard can do little do stop all the fighting, looting and kidnappings. The 40th and 49th Infantry Divisions are currently the only two divisions in Los Angeles but if the situation does not improve (and it's not likely to anytime soon) more will be called up. Swine Flu has continued to infect and kill thousands with no opposition. Washington D.C. now has it's first cases along with many more cities. All cities with major infections goes into martial law. In New York thousands are infected and the death toll in NYC has reached over 1,000 and is quickly nearing 2,000. A similar scene plays out across all major cities in the U.S. Many U.S. citizens become discontented with the Obama government as it seems the only thing he has done to fight the disease was close the border which is now a total mess. Canada has yet to have such severe problems like those the United States, but its had its share. Most major cities are under martial law, with lootings and food riots in most places. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police do their best to fight these crimes but are outnumbered and in some cases out gunned. In what is now known as the Montreal Massacre approximately 2-3,000 Canadians broke martial law and assembled outside the city hall on February 20th to protest food rationing policy set by Mayor Gérald Tremblay. Riot police arrived to disperse the crowd with tear gas. When the tear gas dispersed the crowd from City Hall they scattered throughout the surrounding area and began to fight back by throwing rocks, bottles and other small items the police began to use rubber bullets coupled with the tear gas. The situation became worse and worse as shops and stores were broken into, buildings set on fire, and cars flipped and also set on fire. These events played out across the city all through the night and well into the daylight hours with police making few arrests. Small clashed continued across the city all through the day and continued into its second night. When many of the same events occur as the night before the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper activates the The Royal Montreal Regiment Reserve Light Infantry to help quell the violence. The situation turns deadly just after 1:30am local time on February 22nd when a burning car's tire explodes from the heat. A young Army private is startled by the explosion and opens fire on the crowd thinking he is being shot at. Several others nearby believe he was ordered to do so and also open fire. 37 Canadian civilians are killed with over 50 wounded. The Central American countries are in much worse shape with the governments in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua nearing complete collapse like that of Belize.


In France several other cities including Brest, Marseille, and Bordeaux. Discover their first cases. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has done almost nothing to combat Swine Flu. Paris' death toll now numbers close to 1,000 and is expected to grow very quickly. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has sealed off the Great Britain from the rest of the world. No one goes in or out. No violence has happened in Britain but on the North Ireland-Ireland border the Royal Army has been sent to guard the border. Irish civilians that blame the British for bring Swine Flu to them have harassed the British guards by throwing small objects at them. Their is tension in the air but nothing has happened, yet. Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Spain are still in the early stages of a severe outbreak like Great Britain and the U.S.


Tokyo and Yokohama have a over 3,000 deaths and over 15,000 cases in the first week of the detected disease. This is blamed on the close proximity in which people live in the cities. As the days progress hundreds more cases are confirmed and around 100 deaths each day. The situation in North Korea is terrible. With so many millions of malnourished Koreans with weak immune systems the Flu decimates the population. The country soon cuts of all ties with the outside world and increases the number of Korean People's Army soldiers guarding the border. Early estimates show that over 15,000 North Koreans are dead with an untold number infected. The situation in South Korea is better but still not great. The capital city, Seoul, has had it the worst with just around 1,000 already dead. The situation does not look good for the Koreas.

Several more countries report cases. These include China, Turkey, and India.

Death Toll

U.S.- 255,000 deaths Canada- 88,000 deaths Mexico- 376,000 deaths Central America- 225,000 combined deaths

Great Britain and Ireland- 98,000 deaths France- 1,000+ deaths Rest of Europe- 27,000 combined deaths

N. Korea- 15,000+ deaths S. Korea- ~1,000 deaths Japan- 3,700 deaths

29 February 2010

North America

The U.S. Army is making a slow advance south closer to the Mexican border. The orders received from President Obama state they “are to secure the American side of the border and not cross it.” They face strong resistance in bloody house to house fighting. The death toll all along the border is 375 soldiers killed with another 325 wounded. On a daily basis they face guerrilla attacks from Mexican insurgents, ambushes, and IEDs. Some Mexican troops seeing the “invasion” is being forced south they attempt to dissolve into the American civilian population. Mexican President Felipe Calderon orders all the Mexican Army in the United States to leave immediately. It is a feeble attempt but he cannot do much else. In the rest of the United States the disease continues to spread easily unopposed. Los Angeles is still in a state of total chaos. Despite martial law Pro-Mexican and Anti-Mexican demonstrations continue to take place with the two often colliding and becoming a massive riot. The 40th and 49th Infantry Divisions of the California Army National Guard are constantly attempting to bring about some amount of peace. When the finally break up one riot another is happening elsewhere in the city. After 10 days of this they are totally exhausted. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger activates the 49th Military Police Brigade and 1-184th Infantry Battalion to assist in L.A. In every major east coast city the cases number in the thousands. In the Gulf Coast cities it is the same. New Orleans surprisingly has only around 50-60 cases. Officials their are baffled by the small amount and do all they can to attempt to stop the spreading.

Canadian citizens distrust the Canadian Army and avoid them as much as possible. No investigation is launched into which private opened fire or why. This causes even more distrust between the citizens and the government. With food rationing and martial law in place many more events like the Montreal Massacre are likely to occur. The flu reaches across Canada with cases popping up in Vancouver. No deaths are reported yet but are expected to appear in the next 24 hours.

The political situation in Mexico is becoming a very dangerous situation. With parts of the Mexican military no longer following presidential orders, many thousands dead from the disease and many more dying each day, the lack of food, water and medical aid the future looks bad of Mexico. Drug lords fight for power in the north, protests against the lack of government assistance in Mexico City, and the border region in anarchy President Calderon's is facing a very dissatisfied Mexican people. Three of the six brigades based in and around the Federal District (Mexico City) are covertly preparing for an operation. The operation is set to begin on March 2nd.

Central American no longer has a nation with a standing government. El Salvador, Coast Rica and Panama have collapsed. Violence is everywhere with no one willing to go in to stop it. Cuba also has reports of cases. Seeing the collapse of the other Central American nations Raúl Castro orders that if anyone is found to have the disease to be isolated immediately and they will receive no human contact.

South America

Colombia and Venezuela have reported cases in their capital cities.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy announces the closing the French border. Paris is on virtual lock down with the French Foreign Legion patrolling the streets in the major cities that are in martial law. France has experienced almost no violence due to the flu but the toll continues to rise.

In the London the city is almost totally infected. It spread unprecedentedly fast when it reached the city. The WHO estimates that over 50% of the population is infected and will soon die. On the Irish border a small protest occurred when an Irish family attempted to return home to Ireland from North Ireland after visiting other family members. The British Guards obeyed their orders and refused to let them cross the border. Irish civilians on the Irish side saw this taking place and attempted to march across the border. They were dispersed with tear gas. No injuries were reported.

Belgium, The Netherlands, Turkey and Spain also close their borders to fight the disease. All three countries are relatively calm. Germany however does next to nothing since cases of the disease appeared. The borders remain open and their is no martial law. Cases in Berlin are over 500 by early reports and the estimation is that the number will be at over 1,000 by the end of the week. Portugal, Luxembourg, Andorra, Denmark (not Greenland), Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein and Italy. Luxembourg, Denmark and Italy blame Germany for not closing their borders and possibly allowed the disease to enter their country.


Every Japanese island now has cases of the disease and the major cities are being hit hard by it. Tokyo alone has over 5,000 cases now with the number skyrocketing each day. Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso has declared martial law across the country and the army is on standby in case violence breaks out.

South Korea doesn't fare much better than Japan. Seoul has thousands of cases. Martial law has not been declared by Lee Myung-Bak but instead he has beefed up the South Korean Army presence on the North Korean border.

North Korea has still not reported any cases to the outside world. Instead they report no cases and the people have the immunity against them. What they do not report is that over 55,000 people have died in just days after catching the disease. The people affected ranged from the poor, starving peasant to the People's Army soldiers and even a few government officials. Also in response to the South Korean build up at the border they increase the troops on their side. The country already unstable is facing a very bad situation.

China has over 150,000 cases already. With so many millions of people so close together the flu passes very easily from person to person. Within just a few days huge portions of the city can be completely infected. The cities of Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou each have over 50,000 cases and growing at an ungodly rate. The country also not completely stable faces a bleak situation.

India is in a much worse state than China. Swine flu spread in Mumbai and Delhi to hundreds of thousands in just three days. People are dying in the thousands daily and the Indian border is shut down with martial law declared.


Early reports suggest cases have popped up in Egypt, South Africa and Morocco. These are currently unconfirmed.

Newly Infected Countries Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Portugal, Luxembourg, Andorra, Denmark (not Greenland), Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Italy, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco.

Death Toll

U.S.- 328,000 deaths Canada- 101,000 deaths Mexico- 450,000 deaths Central America- 380,000 combined deaths Cuba- 100 deaths

Great Britain and Ireland- 120,000 deaths France- 4,350 deaths Germany- 300 deaths Spain- 280 deaths The Netherlands- 110 deaths Belgium- 135 deaths Turkey- 250 deaths

N. Korea- 55,000 deaths S. Korea- 8,000 deaths Japan- 10,600 deaths China- 75,000 deaths India- 120,000 deaths

1-7 March 2010

South America

Colombia and Venezuela has closed their borders. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has laid blame on Colombia for the disease coming to Venezuela. In a speech he states that “the only way for Swine Flu to get to Venezuela is through Colombia. If they has closed their borders sooner Venezuela would not have this problem.” Several army divisions are sent to the Colombian border to guard it. The Colombians will not be happy.

Brazil and Chile reports their first cases


President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, implements a food rationing plan much like that in Canada. This angers the people in major cities who already barely have enough food to begin with. A few small protests take place but are easily dispersed by local police. Much of the population is stuck inside under martial law with little food and water.

The British government announces that is grossly over estimated the number of infected persons in the country. Only 10-15% of the population of London is infected with about the same percentage nationwide. The citizens of the country are upset by the governments inability to correctly estimate the number of infected people. A man in North Ireland, who was discontented with the way the British government was handling the outbreak, attempted to run the border checkpoint and enter Ireland. A British guard stepped into the road to signal the car to stop. The man refused to stop and hit the guard. The other two guards at the checkpoint opened fire hitting the on the car's engine and causing the car to catch fire. It rolled into Ireland where the gas tank exploded, killed the driver and injured three other Irish citizens. Irish President Mary McAleese blames the British government for the incident by not allowing the man to leave the country.

Portugal, Luxembourg, Andorra, Denmark, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Italy close their borders. No major events have happened in these countries as of yet. Germany continues to leave its borders open and seems unwilling to do much of anything to combat the flu. Poland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Albania and Estonia report their first cases of Swine Flu. Poland, Austria, and The Czech Republic blame Germany for not closing its borders soon enough to prevent this. Anti-German demonstrations take place in Vienna, Warsaw and Prague but do not turn violent.


On March 5th a 7.3 earthquake hit Japan with the epicenter four miles east of Tokyo. Tokyo and Yokohama are in ruins with fires burning all across the cities with little being done to fight them. Tens-of-thousands are feared dead due to most people at home because of martial law. Cities such as Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kobe, and Osaka are severely damaged also.

South Korea is also affected by the quake and there is major damage in Pusan and Seoul. Many other major cities also have damage. With no martial law declared the death toll is not expected to be high but it will hurt the nation when it comes to combating the flu. Whatever aid can be spared is given to whoever needs it.

North Korea continues to say there are no Swine Flu cases and the people of North Korea have the greatest immune systems in the world and are able to fight it off. The quake also rocked the capital, Pyongyang and toppled several large buildings. Kim Jung-Il of course denies any buildings fell. What is not know to the world is that the flu death toll in North Korea is over 100,000 and another 8,000 were killed in the earthquake.

China is in far worse condition than the Koreas and Japan. The quake was felt in China but was not near as strong as was experienced in said nations. No major damage was done to Chinese cities but Swine is cutting its own destructive path. It is spreading at an ungoldy rate. Hundreds of thousands are infected and dying each day. The government is powerless to do anything to stop it. Farther west in the rural areas few people have the disease but they die much quicker than those in the city. With the Chinese economy going down each day because of many nations closing their borders to fight the flu, what will happen to the economy of the rest of the world?

India is in the worst condition possible. Over 1,000,000 people are infected across the country. Most of these center in or around major cities. The government and the world are powerless to do anything but sit by and watch India slowly die.

Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma report the flu.


The cases in Egypt, South Africa and Morocco are confirmed with more being reported in Sudan, Somalia, Angola, both Congos and Sierra Leone. Over 500 hundred deaths are confirmed in each country.


Indonesia and Malaysia reports the disease.

Australia and New Zealand have yet to see cases and are stockpiling food, water and medical supplies in case of a large outbreak.

Middle East

Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iraq report cases.

North America

While most of the “invading” Mexican Army has been pushed across the border, the US Army continue to face guerrilla attacks, small bombs and multiple groups of insurgents. The troops have not crossed the US-Mexican border but the thousands of troops all along the border are on constant alert as small scale firefights continue to break out with bands of Mexicans using hit-and-run tactics against American troops. Total casualties for the conflict are 427 soldiers killed and 499 wounded. The numbers of Mexicans dead is over 1,000 nation wide. Los Angeles has not gotten any better. Riots continue, gangs fight each other with little opposition by police or National Guard. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the City Council fled the city after a riot tool place outside the City Hall during a City Council meeting. Much of the northwest side of the building was damaged with a majority of the windows smashed on the first four floors of the building. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked President Obama for assistance of the US Army in the quelling of the violence in LA. The National Guard and the police are overwhelmed. Most major cities with more than two million are under martial law or some form there of. In cities like Seattle, Chicago and New York they are a virtual ghost town. With millions forced to stay inside to avoid spreading it seems the city has died. In New York a fire broke out in a tenement building on the the Lower East Side. With the streets all across the city clogged with abandoned cars, trash and other debris firefighters were unable to reach the fire which quickly engulfed the entire block and jumped across to another block. An unknown number of people are dead and the fire continues to burn and is expected to get worse. New Orleans still has very few cases. The number has grown but only to around 2-300 cases. Experts can offer no explanation why New Orleans is faring better than the rest of the country. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin requested that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal activate the 256th Infantry Brigade of the Louisiana Army National Guard to seal off the city.

Canada has continued to face problems. Several protests against food rationing have occurred in Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa. Most of the protests have turned violent when police are called in to enforce martial. In Edmonton during a “food riot” the 1 Garrison Military Police Company detachment out of CFB Wainwright was called in to assist in dispelling the rioters. While none of the riots have turned as deadly as the Montreal Massacre, the citizens strongly disapprove of Prime Minister Stephen Harper,the Canadian Military and Canadian Government.

Central America continues to be a region in anarchy. No nation will send troops as peacekeepers with most nations having internal strife along with Swine Flu. Cuba is in a very bleak situation and Raul Castro has followed through with his promise to isolate all infected persons. Through the week several hundred people are taken into custody by federal agents in hazmat suits. They will never be seen again.

The situation in Mexico took a drastic turn March 2nd. Out of six brigades in and around Federal District (Mexico City), three remain loyal to the government while the other three do not. Early on the morning of March 2nd President Felipe Calderon was just waking up to face another very long day as president of a collapsing nation. While drinking his 4th cup of coffee for the day gunfire erupted not far from Los Pinos (the President's residence). This has not being out of the ordinary these days, President Calderon thought nothing of it and continued to work. Close to an hour later while getting another cup of coffee he noticed the gunfire was getting closer. Again he thought nothing of it and hoped the police would stop it soon. The gunfire soon died out while Calderon took a break to eat his lunch. No more than 10 minutes after he began to work again another firefight broke out, but this was different. When he heard the gunfire begin again he muttered “here we go again” to himself. He went back to writing but stopped in the middle of his sentence and listened. The amount of gunfire was larger than earlier and sound different than the modified assault rifles of the drug cartels. They sounded different. They sounded different than the modified AK-47s of the cartels. They sounded like those of the military. They sounded like the Heckler & Koch G3 and the FX-05 assault rifles. He wanted to know how the cartels got those. Did they attack a military armory he hasn't found out about yet? He continued to listen. He heard a much different weapon than the assault rifles. This fired much faster and louder and was distinct. For the life of him he could not recall what it was. He had heard it before but just couldn't place it. He finished his sentence and a few more. He stopped to think and noticed the gunfire again and the distinct thumping of the automatic weapon again. It was obviously a machine gun and definitely military but what was it exactly. Then it hit him like a brick wall. It wasn't just a machine gun but it was an Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun. When he realized this he was stunned. No cartel in the area had those. As he sat and pondered how they got the .50s his phone rang and startled him. He answered and on the other end was the commander of one of the loyal brigades. Calderon could barley make out what the commander was saying because of gunfire in the background. When the commander able to be heard all was said was “Mr. President….(gunfire)….attack….(gunfire)….we will fight….(explosion)….it's a coup” and the line went dead. President Calderon hung up the phone and realized what the commander had said. He then yelled “Oh God that's no cartel that's the army coming for me.” His secretary came into his office to see what the commotion was about. “The army is staging a coup and their after me” he yelled at the secretary. She ran out of the office terrified. He then ran down the hall and out the door. He could see the battle less than a hundred yards from Los Pinos. He went inside and into his bedroom. He told his family what was going on and the all began to cry. He told them he will not live through this, walked over to his closet and removed a .45 handgun and clip from a hidden box. He kissed his family, walked back to his office, gun in hand, and sat down at his desk to wait. He knew he was going to die and he was going to go down fighting. He heard them get into Los Pinos and killed the last few loyal troops on the way to his office. Calderon barricaded the door and flipped his desk on it's side as a feeble means of defense. When they began to beat down his door he crouched behind his desk, said a short prayer, stood and aimed at the door. The door finally gave way and he opened fire. Calderon had never killed anyone but was a pretty good shot at such a short range. The first man's head exploded as the .45 round passed though it. The second man was startled by the gunfire and also took a .45 to the head and chest. The third man brought up his G3 to open fire and took a round to the leg. Calderon knew he had killed two maybe three men. He felt the kick of the gun as he emptied the clip. The fourth man came around the corner, rifle at the ready. As Calderon fired his last round he felt the 7.62mm round hit him in the chest. He felt the searing pain, he felt cold and then felt nothing as he fell to the floor.

Newly Infected Countries Brazil, Chile, Poland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Sudan, Somalia, Angola, both Congos, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Death Toll

U.S.- 421,000 deaths Canada- 137,000 deaths Mexico- 658,000 deaths Central America- 465,000 combined deaths Cuba- 408 deaths

Colombia- 350 Venezuela- 600 Brazil- 20 Chile- 35

Great Britain and Ireland- 201,000 deaths France- 6,645 deaths Germany- 750 deaths Spain- 500 deaths The Netherlands- 400 deaths Belgium- 345 deaths Turkey- 550 deaths Poland- 235 deaths Austria- 300 deaths Italy- 600 deaths Switzerland- 200 deaths Czech Republic- 340 deaths Albania- 150 deaths Estonia- 200 deaths Luxembourg- 100 deaths Portugal- 450 deaths Denmark- 600 deaths Andorra- 120 deaths Monaco- 95 deaths Liechtenstein- 115 deaths

N. Korea- 129,000 deaths S. Korea- 15,000 deaths Japan- 56,000 deaths China- 1,200,000 deaths India- 1,520,000 deaths Vietnam- 240 deaths Laos- 600 deaths Cambodia- 400 deaths Thailand- 500 deaths Burma- 330 deaths

South Africa- 105 Egypt- 200 Morocco- 195 Sudan- ? Somalia- ? Sierra Leone- ? Congo- ? Dem. Rep. Congo- ?

Indonesia- ? Malaysia- ?

Israel- ? Saudi Arabia- ? Iraq- ?

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