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Orange Tempest

A timeline created and written by Alternate History Geek; it was started at the beginning of October 2014, and is still ongoing as of February 2015. Read it here!

It now has a TVTropes page, too (link is here).

Premise and POD

The timeline's main POD is that 2010's Hurricane Igor, a storm that in OTL affected only Bermuda and Newfoundland and only at Category 1 intensity, strengthens to a Category 5 hurricane, passes directly over Bermuda at that intensity (devastating the island group), and then goes on to hit New England, Atlantic Canada, and eventually the British Isles and western Norway. The devastation of the northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada causes landslide victories for the Democrats in the US and the New Democrats and Liberals in Canada, as well as outpourings of sympathy from across the globe and, most crucially, the early withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. This last factor causes the entire region to descend into chaos soon afterwards, aided and abetted by Pakistan falling into a nuclear civil war and several smallpox-laden rockets being fired into Israel…

Table of Contents

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