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Chaos Timeline : Nations and countries

An overview of some of the most important and most interesting countries appearing in the Chaos Timeline.

  • Denmark and Holland under one (Schauenburger) king
  • Scottish-Norwegian Monarchy
  • Elective Monarchy / Nobles' republic of Aragon
  • Bohemian Theocracy
  • Quadruple Monarchy (England, Scotland, Castille, Portugal)
  • Triple Monarchy (England, Castille, Portugal)
  • Seljuk Sultanate / Caliphate
  • Bourbon Hungary (incl. Transsylvania, Bohemia)
  • Hohenzollern Franconia-Pomerania
  • Ascanian Brandenburg-Silesia
  • Eberhardiner Württemberg-Austria
  • Hong China
  • Dvoryan Republic of Kipchakia
  • Dvoryan Republic of Polovtsia
  • Dvoryan Republic of Kumania
  • Greater Choresm
  • Gottesfreistaat Münster
  • Gottesfreistaat Würzburg
  • Protectorate of the Marches
  • Holstein-Holland-Hennegau
  • Luxembourg-Tyrol
  • French Sinai (for gaining a way to India)
  • Scandinavian Colony of Australia (Australafrica)
  • “Beggar's republic” of Parma
  • Personal Union of Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia under Prince Alasdair (and for short time, Poland and the HRE too)
  • Greater Swiss Confederation including Alsace, the Black Forest and South Swabia
  • Arpad Hungary reigning OTL Romania, Serbia and Bosnia (before Seljuk conquest)
  • Estates Republic of Scotland
  • Welf Denmark-Braunschweig(-Norway)
  • Commonwealth of New England
  • Nobles' republic of Norway
  • Republic of Novorossiya (New Russia - OTL Siberia)
  • Portuguese “ship-states” at the coast of Guinea
  • Sweden-Norway-Mecklenburg-Netherlands
  • Greater Persia including Delhi, Mecca, Jerusalem, Madagascar
  • Hong empire-in-exile at Taiwan, Philippines
  • The “empty circle” in North Atlantis, the desert between the lands of the Germans, Russians, Italians and Spaniards (and later New Romans)
  • New Roman Empire including Italy, Croatia, France, Iberia, North Africa, and half of Atlantis (and Indian colonies)
  • Inca Empire conquered by Italians
  • Socialist People's State of Britain
  • Tir Tairngire (Irish-settled OTL Australia, where the pope resides, and the Catholic church is powerful)
  • Tir na nOg (a German satellite and split-off of the former)
  • Judea (Jewish state in the Sinai) - later becomes Greater Judea, including Palestine and Syria
  • Seljuk Jumhuriya (nationalist-Islamic republic)
  • Socialist Block made of Britain, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Iberia and NW Germany (and later Greece too)
  • United Germany with lands (not colonies) in Europe, Atlantis and Argentine
  • Greater Italy governed by the famiglia, a mafia-like unofficial organization
  • German technocracy

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