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Nations of A Healthy Baby Boy


Consisting of our timeline's (OTL)'s Germany, it's government is ruled by a quasi-socialist/communist party that is tiltering on the edge of anarchy, and propped up only by support from other socialist/communist countries. The current Kaiser is Kaiser Heinrich I, brother of the Kaiser-Prinz Wilhelm II, and is guided by previous policies that have been enacted in German Afrika. It is often remarked that if Germany _does_ get into a World War, it will collapse, and still win due to the exporting of their “rule”/culture/power/etc to Russia/Africa/Austria/etc..

The Kingdom of the Netherlands

German ally because of their present needs (i.e. government stability); Queen Juliana is married to Prinz Wilhelm III


see above (albeit minus the marriage)


Consisting of OTL's Russia, the only thing that is different is the fact that they don't have Lenin, but they do have a strong autocratic presence in Tsar Nicholas II, who is often remarked as “aloof and abusive”. Tsar Nicholas II, ITTL, is married to another offspring of Queen Victoria's, and not Princess Alexandria IOTL. Russia is considered to be the “sleeping giant” of Europe.


Allied with Russia due to a different Tsar Nicholas II being aggressive and not a “wimp”. Russian-Japanese War never happens in TTL.


A border state created between Germany and Russia. Portuguese Guinea/Western Sahara are it's only colonial possessions and is considered to be German all but in name. It also has input within the German Reichstag.

The British Empire

Not unlike the German Empire, much of it's control over it's former colonial possessions is nigh near extinction, and depends greatly on the US for financial support in countering German dominance.

The United States

No real change from OTL's US pre-Great War except that they are very annoyed that nearly all of South America and Mexico are allies of Germany/Russia. What really concerns them now is the proliferation of U-Boats and guns (Namely Mausers & Maxims). The US is formally allied with the UK and the Third Republic of France

The Third Republic of France

Concentrated in OTL's French Africa, it is basically an autocratic nation concentrated on the elimination of German dominance of the Continent as well as liberation of France.

The Fourth Republic of France

Basically a German puppet state.


Ruled under Kaiser Rudoph I, it is a close ally of Germany/Russia, but is significantly stronger than the former.


A Socialist state that is under the “administration” of Russia


A quasi-ally of Germany much akin to OTL's Italy in WW2


See; Italy


See; Italy only with a larger financial background from selling all it's African colonies to Germany in exchange for U-Boats/armament.

The Balkan States

Basically OTL although with heavy influence from Russia.

The Ottoman Empire

See Italy only with greater territories.

Other Nations of A Healthy Baby Boy


Basically TTL's Africa is split in three spheres; British, German, and French.

German Afrika

German Afrika is split in four different regions;

Togoland Kamerun

- Administering OTL Togoland & Camerun, along with Gabon


- Administering the lower half of Angola/Kongo as well as OTL's Nambia

German Ostafrika

- Administering Tanzania, Madagaskar (in an advisory position),and Mozambik (see Madagaskar)


- Belgian Kongo in an advisory position

British Africa

Basically OTL with the exception of the stated realms above

French Africa

See; French Fourth Republic

South America

Pro-German States

Brazil, Argentina, Urguay, Chile, Paraguay, Peru

Neutral States

Bolivia, the Guyanas

Pro-American States

Columbia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, etc., etc.

States under American Occupation

Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Mexico


Pro-German/Russian States

China, Persia, Japan, Korea

Anti-German States

Australia, Phillipines (under Amer. occupation)

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