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Monarchy World

A timeline by Tony Jones.

A different Chinese emperor is born in the 18th century, leading to a world which is more advanced and more conservative than OTL, with the three big powers being the Russian, British and Chinese Empires, and the fourth-runner up the Northern European Union, which is essentially a Swedish-Dutch union. Europe consists of lots of small states, while the rest of the world consists mostly of colonies. There have been 3 world wars. The world population is 4 billion by 2000. By that year, the three big empires are beginning to expand into space, with Britain making the world's first discovery of faster-than-light travel.

You can read this timeline here.

AH.commer contributions

David Bar Elias created Apocalypse Now: The Posleen in Monarchy World, a novella taking place in a crossover of this setting with the aliens from John Ringo's Legacy of the Aldenata military SF series. You can read the novella here, as part of Tony's Monarchy World site.

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