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  • Name: Metalurgica Duarte Ferreira, S. A. (MDF)
  • Type: Sociedade Anónima
  • Industry: Agricultural Equipment, automobile parts, Locomotive parts and domestic utensils (residential, Commercial and Industrial)
  • Founded: 1924
  • Founder: Eduardo Ferreira
  • Headquarters: Tramagal, Portuguese Federation
  • Area served: Portuguese Federation, Lusitania Commonwealth, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe
  • Products: Agricultural Equipment, Automobile parts, Locomotive parts, and Domestic utensils
  • Services: Manufacturing
  • Metalurgica Duarte Ferreira, S. A. is metallurgical manufacturer producing items of metal for a variety of industries namely Agricultural , automotive and locomotive and well as for domestic households. Founded in 1924, Metalurgica Duarte Ferreira is the oldest manufacturers in the Federation and Commonwealth.

Metalurgica Duarte Ferreira produces Agricultural Equipment, metal parts for both automobiles, and locomotives and stock. Its domestic division produces a variety of metal pots, utensils for consumers.


MDF was founded in 1924 in Tramagal, by Eduardo Ferreira.

Eduardo Ferreira had started manufacturing metal plows in 1882. The business was a success and by 1920 employed over 250 workers. In 1924 it incorporated and from 1925-1929 starts producing mechanical bailers and threshers. From 19301-1935 it starts a new division in Setubal manufacturing automobile and locomotive/stock metallic parts. In 1927 MDF starts a metal laboratory to experiment with new materials and manufacturing methods. In 1937 MDF started its domestic utensils division with a factory in Luanda, the first products it manufactured was the production of enamel cookware and utensils.

From 1940 to 1950 the company three divisions all grew and by 1950 MDF employed over 2,500 employees. During the war years with automotive and locomotive supplies cut off MDF greatly expanded production manufacturing over 100 automotive parts and 50 locomotive parts. Meanwhile its agricultural division continued to grow with introduction of MDF first tractor in 1944.

In 1948 Duarte Ferreira at age of 92 passed away and left his firm in hands of his son Joaquim Duarte Ferreira continues to run the company while his two younger brothers while shareholders pursue other careers. Manual is a successful engineer with his own firm while Eduardo is a surgeon.

In 1953 MDF opened a new factory in Lourenco Marques strictly for the manufacturing of Locomotive and rail stock parts while the plant in Setubal expanded its automotive production. In 1962 MDF introduced its own self-propelled combine harvester, it could harvest up to 8 tons of wheat a day. Powered by diesel or gasoline engines it increased productivity and reliability with the introduction of self-cleaning rotary screen. During the 1960s MDF became the largest manufacturer of tractors and combine harvesters in the Federation and its products started being exported to south America and Asia.

Today MDF has over 25,000 employees employed in three divisions and has plants in Federation, Brazil and Mysore.

MDF Enamel Cookware (manufactured in Mysore)

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