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The (First) Franco-Germanic War

The (Second) Franco-Germanic War

The Madagaskar War

The Spanish American War


- Emporer's War

- Kaiser Friedrich III's Abdication

- The Telegraph Affair

- Invasion of France

- The Breakthrough

- The Signing of the Reinsurance Pact

- Dissolution of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire

- Death of the Kaiser-Prinz's sons

- Conquest of France

- Establishment of the French Fourth Republic

- Establishment of the French Third Republic

- Recognition of the French Fourth Republic by the UK/US

- Invasion of the US in the Mexican Civil War

- Mexican Civil War

- Creation of the Commonwealth of the Americas

- Interference of the Commonwealth in the Mexican Civil War

- Completion of the Trans-Siberian Railroad

- Interference of the Ottoman Empire by the Russians

- “Protecting” of Hungary by the Russians

- Russia and Japan signing a similar treaty to the Reinsurance Pact

- Poland reconstituted

- Korea allowed to exist

- Russia & Japan invading France

- Unofficial Dissolution of the British Empire

- Creation of the (German) Afrikan Bloc

- Proliferation of German naval technology to the Belgians/Spanish/Portuguese

- Creation of the Krupp-Mauser Complex

- Migration of African Americans to German Afrika

- Migration of the Jews to German Afrika

- Italy invading France

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