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List of Wars in the Look to the West world

Where multiple names exist for the wars, the alternatives are given in brackets.


1688-1697: War of the Grand Alliance (Zeroth War of Supremacy)

1701-1714: First War of Supremacy (War of the Spanish Succession/Queen Anne's War; includes the First Jacobite Rebellion)


1733-1738: First War of the Polish Succession

1740-1748: Second War of Supremacy (War of the Austrian Succession/Jenkin's Ear; includes the Second Jacobite Rebellion)

1748-1751: War of the British Succession (includes the Third Jacobite Rebellion)

1755-1759: Third War of Supremacy (War of the Diplomatic Revolution/Seven Years' War, approximately)

1763-1767: First Platinean War (War of the Eastern Bank)

1767-1771: War of the Polish Partition

1779-1785: Second Platinean War (War of Freedom/South American War of Independence/Fourth War of Supremacy)


1795-1809: Jacobin Wars Overview

1795-1799: Franco-German War (Franco-Austrian War, German front of the First Jacobin War, etc.)

1795-1799: Great Baltic War (Russian Civil War, Scandinavian War)

1795-1808: Franco-Spanish War (Spanish front of the Jacobin Wars)

1795-1806: War in Italy (Italian Wars, Italian front of the Jacobin Wars, etc.)

1797-1803: Second War of the Polish Succession (War of Prussian Abolition, War of Saxon Ascendancy)

1800-1801: Mittelbund-Swabian War

1804-: Third Platinean War

1807: Le Grande Crabe (French invasion of Flanders, Royal France, the Netherlands and Britain)

1807-09: War of the Nations (final phase of the Jacobin Wars)

1809: The Paris Campaign

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