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Malê Rising

This page serves as a record of all side-stories and spin-offs of the Malê Rising timeline by Jonathan Edelstein. The original thread and comments can be read on the forum here.

Note: All of these installents are located at the member side of the forum and thus requires an account for viewing the content.

A) The Surreal Urban Spectrum

Installment #1: Ten Pages from the Gazetteer of Time

A post about ten unusual cities, each one as unique as they are otherworldly. Based on a post about an in-timeline author.

B) The Neo-Galactic Universe (based on in-timeline author)

Installment #2: The Stars That Bore Us (a more detailed rendition)

Here, Jonathan reworks the story by removing any elements related to the original TL and, in his words, “replaced them with flashbacks to earlier parts of the main character's life”. The protagonist is in search for a way to speak with the ancestors. However, his journey would take him to the ends of the galaxy, and beyond.

UPDATE: As of 2020, the short story can now be found off-site on

Installment #3: First Do No Harm

A poor medical trainee studies his hardest to become a proper surgeon and cure a disease that is ravaging his landlady, all in the shadow of a once-mighty metropolis.

Installment #4: The Starsmith

A beginning blacksmith seeks a hand in marriage, but he must first prove his worth by smelting the near-unsmeltable.

Installment #5: Iya-Iya

An old woman reminisces her life that she once lived and the memories she held, in the process of weaving cloth on a distant colony. Off-site.

C) The Past, or, The Fantastic Historia

Installment #6: Of Letters They Are Made

A lady storyteller and her children investigate the words of a long lost tale, set amongst a city at the edge of war.

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