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A Light in the Darkness

This page serves as a record of all major installments for the A Light in the Darkness timeline by vongreif. The original thread and comments can be read on the forum here.

List of A Light in the Darknes Installments

Installment I: Introduction

Installment II: World Map

Installment III: Utopian States

Installment IV: Slavnyy Imperiya

Installment V: British Empire

Installment VI: Tsalmaayeth and the Black Ice

Installment VII: Slavic Imperial Army

Installment VIII: Vampires

Installment IX: Vril-ya-veo Descendency

Installment X: Decants

Installment XI: Utopian States: Peace-Security Unit

Installment XII: Union of Darwinist States

Installment XIII: ALitD Terminology

Installment XIV: The Dark Empire of the Iron Forest

Installment XV: Soldiers of the Tsar

Installment XVI: Utopian States Rocketman Corps

Installment XVII: Troublesome Engines

Installment XVIII: Stalins

Installment XIX: The Dark Gods

Installment XX: The Seven Castles of the Werewolves

Installment XXI: The Mad Baron

Installment XXII: The White Tsaritsa

Installment XXIII: Utopian States: Social Relations Unit

Installment XXIV: Holy Mother Moscow

Installment XXV: Tsarist Autocracy

Installment XXVI: Nighthounds

Installment XXVII: The Dominion of the Coming Race

Installment XXVIII: Tales in the Darkness: The Battle of Outpost 156

Installment XXIX: Tales in the Darkness: The Secret Christian

Installment XXX: The Last voice from Germany

Installment XXXI: The Green Sultanates: The Mahdiyya

Installment XXXII: The Green Sultanates and the other colonies of the Coming Race

Installment XXXIII: Cannibal Empire of Tzeng

Installment XXXIV: The Green Sultanates: The Republic of Adiputera

Installment XXXV: The Green Sultanates: The Pontianak Sultanate

Installment XXXVI: The Green Sultanates: The Sultanate of Kalimantan

Installment XXXVII: The Green Sultanates: The Sultanate of Gresik

Installment XXXVIII: Analytics

Installment XXXIX: The Ladover: Part One

Installment XXXX: The Ladover: Part Two

Installment XXXXI: The Ladover: Part Three

Installment XXXXII: The Ladover: Part Four

Installment XXXXIII: The Lost Princess

Installment XXXXIV: A Message from the desk of Dr Edward Hawker

Installment XXXXV: Tales from the Darkness: On the Beat: Part One

Installment XXXXVI: Tales from the Darkness: Fall of Eagles

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