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Flee ! Flee ! : Lineages

The dynastic situation in this timeline.

Rulers & Emperors since the POD and up to 871 AD.


1. Attila Augustus

2. (Saint) Equitius Magnus

3. (Saint) Flavius (the Builder)

4. Danubius (the Unready)

-indirect heirs-

5. Marcellinus of Vienne; sometimes called Marcellinus Draco

6. Timmos of Sicily [deposed & assassinated]

-The Praetorians-

7. Emporer Julius Heraclius the Tyrant

8. John of Naples [killed in battle]

-The “Southern” Praetorians

9. Icarus of Naples

10. Odenatus Sejanus Longus {Odenatus I}

11. Julius Sejanus Longus {Julius Sejanus I}

12. Orstes Sejanus Longus {Orstes Sejanus I}

13. Pope Emporer Theodore Sejanus Adtillus Longus. {Theodore Sejanus I}

14. Zosmosis I

15. Leonard I {The Admiral}

The Pope-Emporers

16. Sejanus Nerva

17.Octavius Rex {Octavius I}

The Slavic “Dynasty” of Pope-Emporers

18. Aaron of Pilan {Aaron I}

19. Kheden the Bulgar {Kheden I}

20. Petar the Slovenian {Petar I}

21. Mattias I

22. Paul I {the Short Lived}

23. Zachariah I

24. Zachariah II

25. Zinnus I

26. Paschal

27. Valentine / Ravak I



1. Saint Marcian

2. Leo I the Thracian

3. Leo II

4. Zeno

5. Justinian (the Short Lived)

The Generals

6. Belsarius the Great

7. Tiberius Belisarius II the Wise

8. Thaddaeus of Armenia (The Short Lived)

-The Thracians-

9. Nicholas I (the Thracian)

10. Nicholas II

11. Nicholas III

12. Nicholas IV


13. The Cabal

The Constans

14. Constans I

15. Constans II

16. Constantine IV


17. Justinian II

The Armenians

18. Phillip Bardanes I

19. Bardanes II


20. Artabasdos

21. Nikephoros (Arabasdos II)

22. Nikephoros II

23. Nikephoros III

Interregeum; Regency of the Khazars

24. Taspar the Turk

Khazarian Dynasty

25. Constantine V

26. Theophilos

27. Alexi I


“The Stilcho Dynasty”

1. “Stilcho the Younger”/Theodosius II

-intermittent “Stilchos”-

2. Stilcho Orsin

-intermittent “Stilchos”-

3. Stilcho Donart of Kernow

-intermittent “Stilchos”-

3. Stilcho“ Urien of Rhged

4. Legate Riothamus (Stilcho) of Ebrauc

The Legates

5. Legate Simone (Stilcho) of London

The “Welsh” Dynasty

6. Legate Owain of Powys

7. Legate Ambrosius Aurelianus (grandson of Legate Owain)

8. Legate Arthur of Gwent

9. Legate Cadog of Glywysing

The “Scottish” Dynasty

10. Legate Condidan Wledig of Alba

11. Legate Áedán mac Gabráin of Dál Riata

The “Second” Welsh Dynasty

12. Legate Ceredig ap Gwallog of Elmet

13. Legate Clemen, King of Dumnonia

14. Legate Gwrytheyrn the Archer (popular election)

15. Legate Connad Cerr of Dál Riata {the Cruel}


16. (Regency of) Legate Beli ap Eiludd


17. Legate Dafvyd (the Silent)

18. Legate Oswig of Bernicia (the Banker)

19. Legate Ecgfrith of Northumbria

The Third Welsh Dynasty

20 . Legate Rhodri ap Beli

21. Legate Arthur {the Wise}

The (First) English Dynasty

22. Legate Cenred of Merica

23. Legate Cedric Boxer (“The Hammer”)

24. Legate Macsen of Gwent

25. Legate Adric, son of Macsen

26. Legate Cyrnic of Wessex (“Hiberian Killer”)

27. Legate Coenwulf of Mercia

28. Legate Egbert of Wessex

Irish Queens

29. Legate Queen Fanna o'Corque

30. Legate Eryn O'Conalt

31. Legate Betrice of Genevieve

Legates of Saxony

1. Cnebban

2. Aelthred of Kent

3. Æthelfrith of Northumbria

4. The Legate (Prince) Alfred of Humnburg

5. Legate Cnute of Kiel

Legate Queens

6. Legate (Pirate Queen) Gwyneth of Anglia

7. Legate (Queen) Maude of Geatlande

The Swede

8. {Legate} Ingjald the Swede

-The Great Conspiracy-

The Legate Queens {Cont.}

10. Legate (Queen) Agrid, Margrave of Gronigyn

11. Legate (Queen) Alfhiyurd, the Swede

12. Legate (Queen) Ana

The Legate Kings

13. Legate-King Rurik the Swede {son of Ana}

14. Legate-King Eadgils

15. Hegard of Gotland

The Northern Kings

16. see; Swedish Empire

The Legate Kings (resumed)

17. Scyld

18. Scyldsson


French Kings

1. Clovis

2. Chlodomer

-civil war-

3. Chilperic

4. Theudebert of Rouen

-civil war (again) -

5. Regency of Legate Valens of Gallia Belgica (ROME)

-a period of civil disobedience-

- Council of Nobles established-

6. election of King Theuderic of Rouedn

The Burgendal Kings

7. election of Baron Dagabert of Burgedal

8. election of Baron Dagabertsson of Burgendal (inherited)

9. election of Otto the Strong (of Burgendal) (inherited)

10. election of Peter the Just (of Burgendal) (inherited)

The Warrior Kings

11. election of Warnachar the Steady Handed

12. election of Pharamond of Neuestria

13. election of Peped of Hestal

14. election of Siegeberte of (the) Neuestria(n Marches)

15. election of Claudio, Infantry Generalle

16. election of Grimald, the Short Lived {ousted}

17. election of Pippin of Herstal

Council of the Nobles disbanded

18. Carolman, Commoner-King {not elected}

19. Sigirius the Right Eye

20. Theudoald

Rule of the Council of Nobles; The Moorish War

21. Aelle the Briton

22. Jeanne Martel {Declared}

French Civil War

23. Jeanne Martel {Crowned}

24. Johnne Martel

25. Henri Blackheart (I)

26. Charles the Great; aka Charlemagne

27. Louis the Pious

civil war

28. Lothair I

The Norman Queen

29. Queen Regina Normanie

Council of Nobles

The Caliphate

The Caliphate of Persia, Arabia, etc.

1. Muhammed, the Prophet, PBUH

2. Abu Bakr

3. Umar/Omar the Distinguisher (between Truth and Falsehood))

{disputed by different factions of Islam}

4. Uthman {assasinated}

5. Ali {assassinated}

Umayyad Caliphs

6. Muawiyah I

7. Husayn ibn Ali {Caretaker}

8. Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz

9. Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik

10. Marwan ibn Muhammad ibn Marwan

11. Abd ar-Rahman I {of Spain}

12. Hisham I {of Spain}

following records unavailable

The Abbasids

1. Abu al-`Abbas `Abdu'llah ibn Muhammad as-Saffah

2. Abu Ja'far Abdallah ibn Muhammad al-Mansur

following records unavailable


1. Halfdan the Kind

2. Ivar Vidfamne

3. Rikfin

4. Harald Wartooth

5. Sigurd Ring {married to Legate-Queen Ana}

6. Rurik the Dane

7. Regency of Knudsson Bloodspear

8. Ivar the Boneless

9. Ivar Bjorn

10. Erik Bjornsson {The Long Lived}

11. Harold Steelblade

- interregeum -

12. Rogon the Brash

13. Erik Refilsson {“Refillsson”}

14. Erik Olof Uppsale

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