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Leibniz Uber Alles

Leibniz Uber Alles is a timeline created by Nekromans in March '09, as part of the Strangerverse.

The TL can be found here and here.

The Beginning

In 1677, Gottfried Leibniz was visited in Herrenhausen Palace library by an unknown man, who quickly thrust upon him a teleporter, a mind control ring, and a replication plate, as per the Ameriwank standard for this protocol - and several books detailing the history of electricity and electronics. Leibniz began to examine the books, and soon constructed the first battery, but was repulsed by the concept of the ring. It has since passed into the possession of one Sophia of Hanover…

Differences from Canon Strangerverse

In this TL, no goal is presented to Leibniz, and the “future war” is not mentioned by the stranger. Some excerpts come from reports by a “Project Enrichment”, which appears to have been sending people back in time to interfere…

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