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La Larga Y Oscura Noche

AKA, in English, The Long and Dark Night. A late 20th century Argentinian timeline written by maverick. It can be read here.

It holds the distinction of being one of the few of maverick's TLs that survived his ill-advised attempt at deleting and moving the threads containing said TLs.

Premise and POD

What if a civil war had erupted in Argentina in September 1955, between Peron and the Revolutionaries ?

Basic plot

Starting on June 16th, the crisis between Peron and his opposition grows out of proportion and on September 16th, a civil war starts.


  • Juan Domingo Peron, President of Argentina
  • Arturo Frondizi, head of the UCR, leader of the opposition
  • Alvaro Alsogaray, conservative, also member of the anti-Peronist opposition
  • General Eduardo Lonardi (leader of the 1955 Revolution)
  • General Pedro E. Aramburu (1955 Revolutionary leader)
  • Jorge Luis Borges (writer)
  • General Jose Embrioni (Peronist)
  • Ernesto “Che” Guevara (Guerrilla fighter in Northern Argentina)
  • Colonel Ramon Barquin (President of Cuba 1956-196?)
  • Juscelino Kubitschek (President of Brazil)
  • Richard Nixon (VPOTUS)
  • President Eisenhower
  • The Brothers Dulles
  • William F. Knowland

Interesting Results

  • A Civil War in Argentina on Septemer of 1955
  • A more authoritarian and longlived Peronist regime that lasts well into the 1960s, and the exile of hundreds of artists, intellectuals, anti-peronists and the political leadership opposed to Peron;
  • Widespread political violence in Argentina;
  • Widespread political divisions and violence in Brazil
  • The success of Ramon Barquin's 1956 coup against Batista; Castro goes into non-revolutionary politics.

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